Six tourist destinations to understand and experience South America

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  Tangol 24/07/2019

Rio is the perfect union between the jungle mountains, the busy and modern city and the fantasy beaches. That is why, and because Antoine de Saint-Exupery told us that whoever travels light travels happily, the most important thing that every tourist should take to Rio is energy and desire to enjoy. Iguazu The most spectacular waterfalls on the planet had to be in this part of the world. The water never stops falling, the view is like a dream come true, and best of all, it is not just about going and standing there in front of those waterfalls to see them and take photos, but Iguazú also offers a lot of activities worth experiencing in depth. Boat trips to get wet with all the water that falls from the falls, tours on foot and by car to know the flora and the peculiar fauna of the place, and the opportunity to see what no human imagination would have had the guts to make are of the activities offered by Iguazú. The falls are the most beautiful border point between Brazil and Argentina, because they can be visited from the two countries to enjoy two different experiences: one from above with the opportunity to go down, and another from the inside with all the conditions for an amazing experience . El Calafate
If the first two destinations mentioned in this list describe the beauty of the beach and the jungle, El Calafate tells us about snow. It is a city located in the Patagonia of Argentina that appears as access to the majestic Los Glaciares National Park.
Glaciers are one of the most important freshwater reserves on the planet, and to observe them is to realize the priorities of humanity: putting life in perspective and understanding how tiny the human condition can be in the face of total immensity. Once there you can even navigate to the Upsala Glacier and surrender at your feet. But in Calafate there is much more to do: there is a stone forest that looks like Mars, a safari to know the incredible fauna of the place, a 4x4 ride to have a wider view of nature and specialized museums that explain the magic that reigns there.

Santiago of Chile
Santiago de Chile seems, sideways, a city to surrender to the enjoyment of its culture, because that is what spaces such as the Palacio de la Moneda, Cerro San Cristóbal or museums transmit.

But Santiago is much more. The landscape that predominates in the Chilean capital is the Andes Mountains, which in summer offer an amazing natural adventure and in winter the opportunity to ski as well as endless snow sports, in fact, the Snowy Valley is the South American capital of snow activities, so it receives tourists from all over the world every year.

Thus, Santiago de Chile is one of the cities in South America that best combine adventure with culture, nightlife with nature and the wild with the order of a frank and constant developing country.

The centuries and work of millions of men and women forged this city of indestructible traditions and permanent innovations. In 1991 its historic center was declared Cultural Heritage of Humanity and today the city combines the memory of a glorious past with the opportunities of a future that has already opened its doors.

Lima is the gastronomic capital of Latin America. Its contemporary chefs have managed to rescue ancient flavors by touring every corner of Peru and have merged them with the highlights of the western world. The result is a cuisine so rich that today gastronomic tourism is the door that reveals the other wonders of the city.

Excavations have allowed us to know that human beings have been in Cuzco for 3,000 years. The city, the eighth most populous today in Peru, was the capital of the Inca Empire and one of the most important of the Viceroyalty era.

In addition, it is the closest city to the mythical Machu Picchu, a must for those who want to delve into the origins of civilization and completely disconnect from reality.

Throughout the department of Cuzco, time seems to have frozen. The inhabitants still wear the colors and shapes they wore in colonial times and traditional festivals refuse to disappear.

South America all has so many contrasts that knowing it really is more a myth than a reality, but those who dare to go through these six destinations will discover a real approach to what this wonderful subcontinent is.


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