Recife is a city exposed to vibrant life in Brazil

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  Tangol 08/08/2018

Recife is a lively capital, which has an interesting old town and vibrant culture and nightlife, and you can explore the city.  Porto de Galinhas is framed by natural pools with warm and transparent waters full of colorful fish, also has beaches with strong waves, perfect for water sports.  

Recife is a city located on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean of northeastern Brazil, is the capital of the State of Pernambuco .  Today Recife has become one of the main commercial, tourist, cultural, educational, logistics, medical and technology regions of Brazil, hosting venues of large companies.  Unlike other places where beaches and natural landscapes prevail in their entirety, in Recife there is the famous Boa Viagem beach, as well as the rivers Capiberibe and Beberibe, with huge buildings and skyscrapers, which in turn mix with many areas of colonial style, which over time has resulted in it also known as the Venice of Brazil.

Undoubtedly, the main attraction for which this city is visited is the beach of Boa Viagem, which registers a lot of affluence during most of the year and which is distinguished by the fact that in the route that corresponds to the avenue of the coast, They locate urban areas that offer access to the establishments and services of these areas.  It is a beach that also stands out for having a good number of natural pools that have formed along its 7 km of extension where the water is turquoise blue, its white sand and there are also reefs.  This characteristic of the beach and its coast has allowed diving services to be offered for those who like to practice diving in these naturally created areas, as well as in a famous park of 30 sunken ships, which together with the warm climate that you have in most of the year, make this and other aquatic and recreational activities, one of the best available tourist offers of this beach. Although this beach has a flaw: it can only bathe in shallow waters, by the presence of sharks. 

The historical heritage of the country dates from the 14th century.  The area around Recife was one of the first areas of Brazil to be colonized by the Portuguese. In 1537, when King Juan III of Portugal divided Brazil into hereditary Captaincies, not all of them prospered, Pernambuco was one of those that did succeed, due to introduction of sugar cane by the colonial administrator Duarte Coelho Pereira. The Portuguese initially used the native population as labor for sugarcane plantations, but then resorted to importing black African slaves.

Kahal Zur Israel Synagogue. It is the oldest synagogue in all of America, founded in 1630. Recife was where the first Jews who settled in New York came from.

Atelier de Cerámica by Francisco Brennand. It is one of the most important centers of contemporary Brazilian art. Thousands of sculptures and paintings are exhibited in gardens creating a unique and paradisiacal scenario. The works are a mixture of Roman, African, Brazilian, Mayan, Inca, and Egyptian cultures.

It was inaugurated on 18 May 1850, and seats 850 in the audience. 

Santa Isabel Theater is a very beautiful and classical Theater. One of the most important of Brasil. It's a monument Theater inaugurated on 18 May 1850, and seats 850 in the audience.  located in the Plaza de la República where the two main rivers of the city converge.

Cathedral São Pedro dos Clérigos. This cathedral was  built on May 3, 1728, in a baroque style with two symmetrical towers and a bell tower. Its façade reproduces the Sanctuary of Santa Maria Maggiore in Rome. An iron fence borders its atrium. On the roof of the church and carved in wood is the coat of arms, the images of the twelve apostles and the four evangelists in medallions.

State Museum of Pernambuco. Located in a beautiful 19th century mansion, it has more than 12,000 pieces of art from the colonial period and the Dutch period, and is the headquarters of the contemporary art hall of Pernambuco.
Ricardo Brennand Institute. It is located in a medieval style house and has a large collection of timepieces from the Dutch domain.

Museum of the city of Recife. It is located in the Fort Pontas near the center of the city, exhibits paintings and objects of the history of Recife since 1600. The fort itself is an interesting building.

Museum of the Northeast man. It is a museum that portrays the culture of Pernambuco/Northeast man from the time of sugarcane to the present day.

Zeppelin Tower It is a work erected by German engineers in 1930 that served to moor the blimps that connected Brazil with Europe, being the only original tower that is conserved in the whole world.
and more.....

Traveling to Recife is an experience that combines nature, with all the services of a modern metropolis and the charm of its colonial remnant.


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