How to get to San Pablo from Buenos Aires?

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San Pablo or São Paulo, in Portuguese, one of the metropolises most vibrant in Brazil. It attracts travelers from all over the world with its rich culture, delicious cuisine and electrifying nightlife. If you are planning a trip from Buenos Aires to this fascinating city, this article will help you. as a complete guide to plan your journey.


¿How to get there? 

The distance between Buenos Aires and São Paulo is approximately 2,235 kilometers. You can choose between different means of transportation to reach your destination:

On Plane

Advantage: It is the fastest option.

Time: Direct flights from Buenos Aires to São Paulo last around 3 hours

Prices: Tickets vary depending on the season and the airline, but you can find offers from USD 275 . 

Aerolíneas: Aerolíneas Argentinas, LATAM, GOL, Flybondi and Turkish Airlines are some of the companies that offer direct flights.

Airports: In Buenos Aires, you can depart from the Ezeiza International Airport (EZE) or the Jorge Newbery Airport (AEP). In São Paulo, you can arrive at Guarulhos International Airport (GRU), Congonhas Airport (CGH) or Campinas or Viracopos International Airport (VCP).

Tips: Check websites like Google Flights o Skys canner to find flights, compare prices and book your ticket.

Once in São Paulo, at Tangol Tours we offer you transfers to take you to your hotel safely and comfortably. All trips take around 2 hours: 

  1. From Guarulhos airport (GRU) to your hotel

  2. From the airport Congonhas (CGH) to your hotel

  3. From Viracopos airport (VCP) to your hotel

We also help you on your return journey:

  1. From your hotel to Guarulhos airport (GRU)

  2. From your hotel to Congonhas Airport (CGH)

  3. From your hotel to Viracopos airport (VCP)

On bus

Advantage: It is the most economical option.

Time: A bus trip from Buenos Aires to São Paulo takes at least 36 hours

Prices: Bus tickets range from USD 90 round trip

Bus companies: Northern Cruise and JBL Internacional are some of the companies that offer this service.

Terminals: In Buenos Aires, you can leave from Withdrawal Terminal. In São Paulo, you can reach the Terminal Barra Funda or Tietê.

Tips: You can rely on sites like Busbud and CheckMyBus to compare prices and search for options.  

On Auto

Advantages: It is the most flexible option. Renting a car gives you the freedom to explore at your own pace and stop at places of interest along the way.

Time: The car trip lasts approximately 28 hours and covers more or less 2,235 kilometers .

Car rental companies: You can find car rental companies in both Buenos Aires airports like Sixt and Hertz.

Prices: The rental price varies depending on the type of car and the company, but you can find offers from US$30 by day.

Route: A good option is to take National Route 9 (RN9) and then BR-116 in Brazil, as it passes through varied landscapes and is usually have less traffic than other routes. You can look at the map to give you a better idea. 

If you have time, we recommend making a stop at the Iguaz National Parkú to admire the Iguaz Fallsú, one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World. If you decide to make this stopover, you can take the route which passes through RN-14 in Argentina and BR-374 in Brazil. 

Tolls: Please note that there are tolls in both countries. You can use TollGuru to calculate the cost. 

Documentation: Please note that you will need to cross the border between Argentina and Brazil, so we recommend you review the customs requirements and documentation necessary on official pages such as the website of the Ministry of the Interior of Argentina or Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Brazil.


Some documents that you may require are:

  • Identity Card: Citizens of Mercosur countries (Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay and Venezuela) can enter Brazil with their national identity card.

  • Passport : You can also use your passport to enter Brazil.

  • Valid driver's license

  • Proof of current Mercosur coverage insurance

If you travel with minors:

  • Minors under 18 years of age traveling alone or with one Only their parents must have a notarized travel authorization signed by both parents. The authorization must be translated into Portuguese.

  • Minors under 12 years of age traveling with both parents do not They need travel authorization, but must present their passports or identity cards.

Tips: You can rely on sites like Take off, Kayak and Rentalcars to compare prices and search for options to rent a car in Buenos Aires.

Once in San Pablo

São Paulo is a vibrant and cosmopolitan city that offers unforgettable experiences for all tastes. Hereí There are some tips to make the most of your visit:

Rent a car

If you plan to explore the surroundings of São Paulo or take day trips, renting a car will give youá the freedom and flexibility you need. There are several car rental companies at Guarulhos airport and in the city center. Companies like Locate or Movida offer a wide variety of vehicles at competitive prices.

Choose the best accommodation

São Paulo offers a wide variety of accommodation options for all budgets. From luxurious hotels in the city center to budget hostels in bohemian neighborhoods, you'll find the perfect place for your stay.

  • Hotels: If you are looking for comfort and exclusivity, we recommend booking a room in a 4 or 5 star hotel. Some popular hotels in the city center include the Novotel São Paulo Jaraguá  and the Grand Hyatt São Paulo.

  • Hostels: For a more comfortable experience ;s social and economic, hostels are an excellent option. You will find hostels in various neighborhoods of the city, such as Madá Hostelin Vila Madalena, Morada City Hostel also in Vila Madalena and O de Casa between Vila Madalena and Pinheiros. 


Some of the best neighborhoods to stay are:

  • Gardens: An elegant neighborhood with high-end shops, gourmet restaurants and luxury hotels.

  • Vila Madalena: A bohemian neighborhood known for its nightlife, bars and restaurants.

  • Pinheiros: A modern neighborhood with a mix of boutiques, cafes and restaurants.

  • Bixiga: A historic neighborhood with a large Italian community and a vibrant atmosphere.


Take the weather into account

São Paulo has a humid subtropical climate, with warm, rainy summers and mild, dry winters. The temperature ranges between 15° 30° according to the étime of the year. The rainy season runs from October to March, making it the best time of year. Visiting São Paulo is during spring (September to November) or fall (March to May), when the weather is most pleasant.


Take a city tour

Tangol Tours has several excursions that will take you to know the great beauty and cultural diversity of this city.

  • City tour in São Paulo: On this 6-hour trip you will visit several emblematic sites such as the Estação da Luz, the Municipal Theater, the Cathedral, the Japanese neighborhood and theIbirapuera Park, among many other places. The service includes transfers and the accompaniment of an expert guide.

  • Graffiti city tour in Sao Paulo: Get to know the treasures of street art on this excursionón of 4 hours. Highlights include the Beco do Batman, Oscar Freire Street, Ibirapuera Park and Amaral Gurgel Street.


Explore nearby beaches

If you are looking to enjoy the sun and the sea, there are several beautiful beaches near São Paulo. Some of the most popular include:

  • Guarujá: Located about 95 kilometers from São Paulo, Guarujá It is a seaside resort city with beautiful beaches, shopping centers and a lively nightlife.

  • Santos: Located at 80 km from São Paulo. Known as the "coffee capital," Santos also offers beautiful beaches, as well as a historic port and a coffee museum.

  • Ubatuba: This coastal city is located about 270 kilometers from São Paulo and is famous for its white sand beaches, crystal clear waters and lush vegetation.

  • Ilhabela: Known as The "Beautiful Island", Ilhabela is located 205 kilometers from São Paulo and is famous for its pristine beaches, lush vegetation and tranquil environment.


Tangol Tours takes you to the most beautiful beaches around São Paulo in a day trip. On this fantastic trip through Santos and Guaruj' you will have the opportunity to ride the tram, get to know the< b>Coffee Museum and visit the Morro do Itacaré. In addition, you will go to other beaches of exuberant beauty such as São Vicente, Pitangueiras and Enseada. Transportation and the service of a guide are included. 

If you want to locate the best beaches near São Paulo, look at this map that we prepare for you. 


Tips for your trip:

  • Plan your trip in advance: Book your flights, accommodation and activities in advance, especially if you are traveling during high season.

  • Get travel insurance : It is important to have travel insurance that covers you in case of any unforeseen event.

  • Change money: The official currency of Brazil is the Brazilian real (BRL). You can change money at banks, exchange offices or airports.

  • Learn some phrases in Portuguese: Practice greetings and phrases that you can use in restaurants or to ask the location of something. 


Consult online maps: View your route with online maps such as Google Maps or Waze. These will allow you to trace your route, estimate travel time and find points of interest in the area. way. 


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