Bariloche Wears White (Destinations)

Winter in southern Argentina offers postcard landscapes and great flavors, but, above all, a wide range of snow activities. You only have to choose where and how to slide.

Each season has its own magic in Bariloche. Landscapes, with vibrant and changing colors, offer different options for travelers, and create a special mood. The calmness of the red, brown and ochre shades of fall is followed by the dream of white snow. During winter, the atmosphere certainly invites us to eat chocolate in front of a smoky fireplaces, but it also encourages us to warm up our bodies by doing some exercise. Whether you use skis or wear good rubber boots, you can enjoy the mountains and fall in love with low temperatures.

Patagonia’s main city boasts a variety of ski resorts along the mountain range. Although skiing, snowboarding, sledding, and snow motorcycles are the most adrenaline-pumping options, hiking through snowed forests or playing on the white mantle of snow can also be an adventure itself. Here are the best options to make the most of your stay:

Cerro Catedral. A must-stop for winter fans, this is the most important ski resort in South America. It covers 120 kilometers of ski runs with panoramic views of  Nahuel Huapi and Gutierrez Lakes. Catedral is 2,388 meters high and it covers a 2,000-hectare area of skiable slopes with over 70 ski runs for all levels and excellent lifts, as well as a convenient proximity to the city. Beginners can take their first steps in Platforms 1,200 and 1,600, where ski instructors are. Skiers who are skilled in the technique can climb to the most advanced run quad chairlift Punta Nevada, and slide down Copper Mountain, Barrilete or La Hoya slopes up to El Filo, where they can expect to find a stunning view of the Andes Mountains. Many years ago, the ski resort became one of the main venues for the most important social and cultural events, including snowboarding and skiing competitions for professionals and amateurs, which are listed in the International Ski Federation (FIS) calendar.

Piedras Blancas. This resort has 3,000 meters of exclusive ski runs for sledding, which is unique in South America. It also has a historic value, since it is where ski started in Argentina, with the first school run by the legendary Otto Meiling. Visitors can tour the area on a snow bus, take snowboard lessons, and learn how to ski at the school. The resort is located on the east hillside of Cerro Otto.

Neumeyer Retreat. Located only 20 kilometers away from the city, Challhuaco Valley and its amazing lenga beech forest inside the Nahuel Huapi National Park, are the perfect spots for recreational mountain activities. In winter, both cross-country skiing and ski mountaineering can be performed.

Nordic Ski Resort. Located in Cerro Otto, 1,280 meters high, only six kilometers away from Bariloche, the resort offers convenient and easy access. Surrounded by a lenga beech forest, the resort features more than 10 kilometers of ski runs for all levels. Snow grooming machines prepare the ski runs on a daily basis, for both Nordic ski techniques—classic and skating.

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