Ushuaia is the capital of Tierra del Fuego and not only the southernmost city in the world, but also the only city in Argentina that is on the other side of the Andes. An ideal destination to travel around at any time of the year, especially during the winter season for its wide variety of winter, cultural, and gastronomic activities.


Castor Hill: The southernmost alpine ski resort, also the largest in Tierra del Fuego. It includes modern facilities and a total of 28 ski slopes, a snow park and a great variety of restaurants. Ski and snowboard lessons are available for beginners, allowing visitors to quickly enjoy the wonders of snow and speed.

Haruwen: Located 36 kilometers away from the city, it offers exciting activities, snow motorcycle rides, dog sledding, cross-country skiing, snow racket walks, snow surfing (snowboarding with a snow motorcycle) and night-time trekking.

Nunatak: A winter center nestled at a strategic place located at the foot of Monte Alvear. It is considered the starting point for different tours and activities such as trekking, climbing, racket walking, cross-country skiing, dog sledding, ice skating, 4x4 and caterpillar motorcycle journeys, horse riding, canoeing, mountain biking, and riding motorcycle in the snow.

Valle Hermoso: It is located in a deep lenga beech forest surrounded by peat bogs and creeks. The activities available have been designed to enjoy nature without interfering with it: trekking, racket walking, scenic walks, guided tours around dams and rivers.

Maritime Museum and Prison of Ushuaia: Known as the End of the World prison, it now hosts four museums that recreate the history of the place. The Maritime Museum features a collection of naval miniatures and models. The Prison Museum shows the life of inmates, their punishments, and the sad stories of some of its main occupants. The Antarctic Museum is an invitation to learn everything about Tierra del Fuego biosphere. The Marine Art Museum has a selection of marine art works intended to give a general idea of this kind of paintings from 1889 until today.

End of the World Train: It simulates the same route that the inmates, who were sent to the island, used to cover until 1947. What may have caused pain to other human beings decades ago is today a place for contemplating history and the views of the Tierra del Fuego National Park.

Isla Martillo: Sailing across the Beagle Channel is available between April and October, when you can see Gable Island and the Puerto Williams Naval Base. The famous Magellanic penguins can be seen at Martillo Island, as well as the only gentoo penguin rookery of South America.

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Tierra del Fuego’s gastronomy:

The island’s traditional dish is the king crab, a delicious crustacean that is caught along the Patagonic coastline, but mainly at the Beagle Channel. Some other typical dishes include black hake and roasted lamb. We strongly recommend a trip to the Almacén de Ramos Generales to taste the ten footed fleshy crab and their distinguished wine list. Don’t miss out on the chocolate desserts!