What to do in Buenos Aires with children?

What to do in Buenos Aires with children? (Places Of Interest)

When planning a trip, the same question always arises, but Buenos Aires has an answer for all tastes and ages with its parks, shows, games and nature. We leave you a Top Ten of activities to do with children that will give you insured smiles.

1. BOAT TRIPS. Tangol invites you to enjoy the postcards of Buenos Aires and the Tiger from the water. Departures from Puerto Madero or the Tigre River Station. (Center: Florida 971 - Local 30 / San Telmo: Defense 831, www.tangol.com)

2. PARQUE DE LA COSTA. Roller coasters are the main attractions, without neglecting the return to the world, the mansion of terror, the bumper cars, the aquafan, the magic and musical shows. Find your tickets in Tangol / Excursions (Tigre, Vivanco 1509)

3. ZOOLOGICO DE LUJAN. It is one of the must-see for children who wish to be in contact with lions and tigers. There are also farm activities and other shows surrounded by nature. (ZooTour Tangol, Center: Florida 971 - Local 30 / San Telmo: Defense 831, www.tangol.com)

4. MUSEO DE LOS NIÑOS. The typical spaces of the city are recreated in children's scale, where the boys play to be doctors, police, pilots, bankers, cooks, masons and many more things. There are also workshops and an auditorium. (Shopping Abasto, Av. Corrientes 3247, www.museoabasto.org.ar)

5. MUNDO MARINO. Oceanarium with shows and exhibitions. (San Clemente del Tuyú, www.mundomarino.com.ar)

6. BIOPARQUE TEMAIKEN. Mammals, birds, reptiles, fish and plants are part of this park that also offers activities such as diving, Africa expedition, visits to the pens and planting demonstrations. Your tickets in Tangol (Escobar, Route 25 km 1).

7. TEATRO CIEGO. Invite the whole family to enjoy shows in the dark to imagine and live incredible adventures using all the senses. We recommend the work My friend Darkness for children from the age of four. (Supply, Zelaya 3006, www.teatrociego.com)

8. REPUBLICA DE LOS NIÑOS. A plot of 53 hectares in miniature size with everything the kids need for fun, games, castles, trains, bikes and picnic sectors. (La Plata, Camino Gral. Belgrano)
10. CABALGATAS IN ARECO. Very close to Buenos Aires, a city to enjoy a picnic, a delicious barbecue and horseback riding. Young people can also participate in polo classes or watch a gaucho show. There are a wide variety of rooms and hotels, meet them in Tangol (Center: Florida 971 - Local 30 / San Telmo: Defense 831, www.tangol.com)

9. PARTICIPATORY MUSEUM OF SCIENCES. A place where curiosity is encouraged and where it is forbidden not to touch. Children will learn more about science with games and interactive exhibits. (Recoleta Cultural Center, Junín 1930, www.mpc.org.ar)

Source: Revista Buenos Aires Day&Night

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