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  Jules Picart 08/09/2022

For lovers of racket sports, don't miss the opportunity to try and/or put together a game of paddle tennis, a kind of mix between tennis and squash that seduced the Spanish and Latin Americans.

Born from the idea of Mexican Enrique Corcuera in 1969, this sport was imported to Spain by his friend the prince Alfonso de Hohenlohe in 1974, where he built the first official courts. The million-player mark was passed in the 1980s, and the concept was brought to Argentina, where it has become the national sport with more than 4 million players. As a "city sport", it has recently become more popular in European countries such as France, Belgium, Portugal, Italy and England, and even more so since the covid-19 pandemic.

Paddle is played on a court 20 meters long and 10 meters wide, with a net and two service boxes . Its main feature is the 3-meter-high back wall, extended by right angles on each side and topped by a one-meter fence that follows the length of the court to join the two walls.
The rackets , cordless and smaller, and the balls, less pressurized, are different from those of tennis. However, the point count is similar (15, 30, 40, game, set, match), with a match played in two winning sets.
It is a sport that is only played two against two. The serve is made below the waist, must be crossed with a rebound to the ground and cannot touch the fence. During the exchange, after a ground bounce, the ball may touch any other surface (multiple times) and must be returned before there is a second ground bounce. If the ball first touches any surface other than the ground, it is a foul.

A very large capital, Buenos Aires has several paddle tennis courts in different parts of the city to meet an ever-increasing demand. Each club has its own operation, but some have joined together to form networks. This is how Studio Pádel was created, a network that allows everyone to play padel, no matter what level they have. In fact, they have different places in the city that offer different events, if you are interested we advise you to follow them on their Instagram account: @studiopadel. They also have a website ( but they work mainly with this social network and WhatsApp, and offer different ways to play.

Start with individual or group classes, which will allow you to learn, practice and improve with a qualified teacher. The teacher will adapt to your level, your requests and your needs.
Once you have learned and consolidated the basics, come practice on the open courts. The principle is simple: if you want to play but don't have a partner, they take care of everything! Come, meet people of all levels and play several matches with different players for half a day, in short: share a moment with people who are passionate about the same sport as you!
That's one of the best ways to meet people and set up matches with each other afterwards, but if you don't have the availability, you can also ask your teacher to set up a match for you with players of your level. If there are already four of them, you just have to rent a court at the times that suit you. Remember that each site has its peak times, with prices increasing due to high demand.
You can also ask to participate in tournaments, they are organized in all categories: for women, men or mixed. Again, if you don't have a partner, your teacher will find you one of your level.


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