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The most exciting modality is rock climbing, which is done only with the hands and feet, plus a helmet and a harness with a safety rope attached to the top of the wall.

The key is to apply the technique as explained by the instructor.   Following these instructions, even those who have never even climbed a tree will discover that they are capable of climbing  a vertical rock wall that is 15 meters high.

Like everything go up low, there are also abseiling descents, a technique that requires the help of a rope and a harness, with your back to the precipice.

The output is intended as an initiation escalation , that is, it can be done by anyone with a minimum physical condition and without experience, from the age of ten.

In the meantime , experienced climbing and rappelling have a more complex option in“ The wall of the wind ”, a 20 minute walk from the place of the first excursion. This wall measures 50 meters   and it is much more vertical than the previous one.



4x4 trip through Valle Hermoso

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It is a 4x4 vehicle circuit from Las Leñas to Valle Hermoso , you are going to visit the most beautiful natural attractions in the area. In addition, there is a  stop at noon to enjoy a typically indigenous lunch such as the Malarguino goat.  < o: p>

The circuit begins at the base of Las Leñas until the Valle Hermoso 25 kilometers from the beginning.   The roads are gravel and they cross different forests and lagoons, where passengers can get out of the truck and contemplate the landscapes. You can also walk through the different areas and visit the petroglyphs.

Halfway through the route you reach a place   that has the following services: restaurant, grocery store, camping area, fishing area, rest area and you can rent mountain bikes to explore the area.


This tour is a full day and includes transfers and a permanent guide.


I recommend that you equip yourself for this excursion with sports or trekking shoes, long outdoor pants, coat, sunscreen and lipstick, sunglasses, hat, water and a small backpack.


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Tour the Tuduque cave on a Mountain bike


Among the most interesting proposals, it is worth trying a mountain bike ride that includes entering a strange cave.

The excursion starts from the base of the ski center, where the guides with modern mountainbike bicycles are waiting.

An explanation of the route, precautions and the adventure begins!

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The pedaling begins on the asphalt of provincial route 222.  But after two kilometers you have to turn to the right, to start driving on stony ground. The route is really simple, because there are almost no climbs, although at times you have to have more control of the bicycle.

When you get to Don Eduardo's post, who takes his goats there to feed during the summer, the first obstacle appears. It is a stream with meltwater that crosses with the bike on his shoulder, balancing on a narrow log.

On the other side of the river is  the Tuduque cave , about 20 meters above a steep slope. The ascent to the cave is not easy at all, because each step some stones are detached. For this reason the security measures include a “via ferrata”, a steel line secured to the mountain wall, to which the adventurer is linked in turn with a harness and a carabiner. < o: p>

The effort to climb to the top pays off, because the view from above is spectacular. And once there the group goes into the passageways of the cave to discover its strange gypsum formations.



  Ascent to the top of Leñas hill


The most extreme excursion that takes place in Las Leñas invites you to a combination of horseback riding, trekking and climbing to the top of Cerro Leñas , visible from hotels and unmistakable due to its shark fin shape.

The parade is highly complex , on the edge of deep ledges and with a marked incline in the terrain. For this reason, progress is made taking good care of the horses, giving them rest time and controlling their breathing.

In total there are five hours of crossing to a place where the animals cannot climb any more : this is where  a hike of an hour and a half begins  through complex sectors of the mountain, where you have to link to a“ via ferrata ”with harnesses.

The lack of air is felt, and almost reaching the top is the most difficult part:  you have to climb the last 15 meters   for a vertical wall.  The summit is climbed in groups of two or three people, since there is no room for more.

And from 4351 meters you can see practically all the surrounding valleys   and it is also observed how the Andes are descending towards the Chilean side. Before going down, those who reached the top stamp their name on the summit book, protected inside a can between the rocks.

Ascent to the Parador Olimpo by chair lift

The ascent on the Minerva II chairlift   al  < a target="_ blank" target="_blank" href=""> Parador Olimpo   is a pleasant and ideal walk for share as a family. It is a  1,190 meters route with a vertical elevation of 296.50 meters   that takes 20 minutes.  

When you arrive at the parador you will have a beautiful panoramic view of the valley and the Andes mountain range. In addition, you will be able to enjoy the local cuisine that is offered throughout the day. 

Olimpo is a warm space to have lunch or a cool drink.  There are mountain dishes, grill and sweets. Among those that stand out:  dishes with trout, lamb and venison.   The hallmark of this parador is its artistic and wooden decoration.

Another of the  mythical chairlifts to ride the hills is Mars.  With it   you will be able to access the top of a combination of tracks over seven kilometers long, the largest in all of Argentina.  The legendary character of this chairlift is given in its  huge drop of 700 meters,  one of the largest in the world. Just getting on it is an adventure.

The duration of the trip is estimated at seven minutes, and triples the capacity of passengers per hour (from 730 to 2100).

And in the winter season?


During this season, the ski center  Las Leñas offers a  endless   of activities to enjoy the hill.


Some of the most popular are:

Skiing and Snowboarding on the coolest slopes in South America

The base of  Las Leñas   it is located at 2240 meters above sea level, and the summit at 3430 meters , making it  the highest ski center in Argentina.   It has the  longest uninterrupted descent in South America   with 7050 meters connecting the Apollo, Neptune and  Vulcano (the most technical and difficult of the entire station) . There is a  Terrain Park for freestyle and 2 kilometers of illuminated slopes for night skiing (unique in the country).

There are also easy slopes, ideal for beginners and 15 kilometers of intermediate slopes  en   Uranus 2 and 3.  All the slopes are marked with red and blue flags, to keep in mind The level of demand is taken into account, red being the most technical. 

The most important thing about the circuits is that you will be able to appreciate the beauty of this wonderful valley with views mountain peaks and snowy forests.  The   season   to do winter sports in Las Leñas is from   mid-June to mid-September.


If you like long circuits, I recommend the expert one, it is 24 kilometers of route in the Cenidor.  For those who like to do tricks in the snow, a must to visit is the  1500-meter snowpark, where you will be able to enjoy jumps, slopes and railings , whether skiing or snowboarding.

< p class="MsoNormal"> It is located a few meters from the Teleski Minerva. Some of the modules to slide are: 2 “Straight” boxes of 3 meters, and 1 Rainbow box for beginners, 2 “Straight” boxes of 5 meters, 1 “Sreet Style” rail downhill of 8 meters, 1 “Flat Down” box of 9 meters, 1 “Straight” semi-box of 6 meters.

El Centro Las Leñas ski resort, is also  known worldwide for its great possibilities for freeride , with incredible landscapes in the background, in the Andes mountain range. There are dozens of freeride corridors and channels accessible from the resort, or from nearby peaks, even in retrack. 

However, there are 2 descents that due to their characteristics became "mythical of Las Leñas", with more than 1000 meters of unevenness. One of them is an old off-piste itinerary marked on the station map, called " Paradise ". The other is called " Eduardo ", better known for the "Canaleta de Eduardo", an extreme off-piste descent, where tests of Freeride World Championships.


Another of the peculiarities of the ski center is that when it is not there is snow is not a problem in Las Leñas, since  which has a modern artificial snow manufacturing system (30 cannons along the entire mountain)   so that all the slopes have the necessary thickness to satisfy the demands of each skier.


There is a great team specialized in Snow Making. When the temperature and humidity are right, using water as raw material, they can make snow.


The machines they use for this task produce snow by breaking the water into very small particles which are pulverized and when they come into contact with the air they freeze and fall in the form of flakes.

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Where hire ski and snowboard lessons?

Las Leñas has a program that offers safe classes taught by highly trained teachers   in adaptation techniques to ski and snowboard.


At the base of the main slope there are classes for adults, children and also adapted skiing.


The classes in turn are offered in different ways:

-   Adult groups:   teachers set up dynamic classes so that all groups participate and can progress as a team. The classes last 2 hours and the groups are divided into different levels. It is a Cool option to interact with people from different places.

< b> - Groups for boys:   are divided by age (3 to 5 years and 6 to 15 years) and skill levels. These groups  have a unique track  so they can slide safely and fun. nbsp ;

-   Particular:   this type of class is recommended whether you have a beginner, intermediate or advanced level and for all ages. The difference with group classes is that by being personalized, progress is achieved more fast.

- Adapted skiing:   the school also offers the possibility of winter sports classes for people with different abilities, so that all families can equally enjoy the magic of snow. 

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Snowmobile tours


You can take this tour on your own or with the company of a professional guide.


Through the snowmobiles that  are rented at the base of the center , you will walk through hidden trails, to finally reach strategic points with beautiful views of the whole valley.


It is a great way to get to know the surroundings of Las Leñas. It is a fun and safe activity that allows effortless access to the most beautiful settings in the area in the winter season.


The excursion with snowmobiles crosses streams and forests,  up to 1,400 meters high, on a route of  7 kilometers with stops  in natural viewpoints , visiting an area of the ski center and enjoying an environment that can only be done with all-terrain vehicles.

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It is ideal for those who want to do the experience and combine it with other activities.



Cycle through Virgin slopes in Pisa Snow


Another novelty inaugurated in 2019 is the Extreme Expedition   with which  you can   access Unspoiled slopes and incredible itineraries aboard a snow groomer  Pisten Bully 300.


The adventurers, accompanied by guides and lifeguards, will  move away from the traditional circuits to enjoy exceptional landscapes and descents .


This proposal is ideal for  riders  with experience at variable levels and off-piste looking for new sensations.   However, the off-piste experience does not It is a sine qua non condition to enjoy this proposal, families also choose the  “Extreme Expedition.” This is possible because there are areas, such as the “Torrecillas” for beginners and exclusive areas for the more advanced and experts, such as They are El Collar, Collarcito, Ponce and Valle Hermoso.


The starting and finishing point is the Base Ski School , where the participants receive a safety briefing and organize their equipment before starting the journey.


The options for this excursion are half or full day and the  tours are made according to the terrain conditions.


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Gliding down the Snow Tubing track


The 100 meter long snow tubing track , it is also a great attraction in  Las Leñas. Young and old alike can launch themselves with  inflatable rubber bands with handles   to walk the track and experience all the excitement of a vertiginous descent, which guarantees adrenaline and fun.


The Snow Tubing track is located in the Adventure Park  (a few meters from the Las Leñas Ski Resort parking area). This park was inaugurated in 2013, it includes from the most modern tubing to the classic“ coolie patín ”(single or double) .

In the park you can do other activities such as zip line 60 meters long at the base, also excursions with snowshoes or rent sleds to slide down a specifically designed track. The park opens from 9 am to 5 pm every day.


Ascend by the Mars Chairlift


Climb to the snowy peaks with the mythical Mars chairlift   is another of the activities that you can add to your itinerary. Through this chairlift  you will be able to access the top of a combination of tracks of more than seven kilometers in extension, the largest in all of Argentina.

The legendary character of this chairlift is given in its   huge drop of 700 meters,  one of the largest in the world. Just getting on it is a adventure.

The duration of the trip is estimated at seven minutes, and triples the passenger capacity per hour (from 730 to 2100).

In addition, Las Leñas Valley offers 14 lifts  (includes a ski mat for beginners), which can carry up to 10,000 skiers per hour.

Another of the recently acquired lifts is the  Minerva II. It is quadruple type and state-of-the-art, adapted for ski and snowboard experts.



Skate on ice

For those who prefer to share a different experience, but without moving away from the magic that Las Leñas holds, the ski resort also has an  Indoor Ice Rink.


This is one of the novelties of Las Leñas. This track  is in the base dome the entry is for all ages and children from 6 years.


It is open from Monday to Sunday from 1 pm to 9 pm.


Enjoy the sunset at After Ski Ufo Point


At the end of the day of skiing and snowboarding,  the Ufo Point parador located in front of the main slope   offers various alternatives to enjoy the after ski: live music, karaoke, DJ sets and wine and beer tasting.


At Ufo Point starting at 5.30 in the afternoon, people begin to gather at the parador to be part of the sunset in front of the mountains, while having a drink or enjoying some of the most delicious dishes popular such as the veal milanesa with french fries, hamburgers, salads and of course, cakes: cheseecake with red berries, brownies, chocotorta and a lot of tasty things.


Other unmissable Ufo Point are the  themed night parties, which are held once a week  and also have beer, cuba libre or fernet happy hours .



Play at Casino Pisces

The Casino Las Leñas is located inside del  Hotel Spa Piscis ,   is the highest in the world (it is 2,300 meters above sea level) and has 13 gaming tables and 26 slot machines.


The Cordillera casino offers its visitors excellent service and multiple entertainments.  In the games room they include electronic roulette, roulette tables, Black Jack, Baccarat, Poker and a bar with a wide variety of drinks.


Inside the spa and casino hotel  simple dishes, good music and various shows with national and local artists are also offered.


Where to eat in Las Leñas?

After an afternoon of outdoor activities it is always good to take some time to rest. For this reason,  the ski center offers different paradores  in front of the slopes with different specialties :


Brassero :   From simple lunches and dinners, to the most elaborate dishes of Italian and French cuisine. From traditional grills, regional meals or fast dishes, in all cases, good eating is part of this parador restaurant.

The most recommended is the full spine (ideal for sharing).

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- Powder Terrace by Rodizio:  It works as a restaurant and cafeteria. It offers everything from grill, fast food to hot chocolate with cakes. In addition, in this parador its drink bar created with ice stands out!


La Rita It offers a grill, fast food, cafeteria and pastries. It has a terrace and deck with privileged views.


Lobby Bar Aries Hotel :   If you are wanting to savor a delicious barbecue, I recommend this place. The star dishes are: entrecote, skewers, skewers, pork bondiola and Mendoza goat. Accompany them with garnishes rustic and a house malbec.


Olimpos :   is located at 2,700 meters high in the very heart of the mountain and is accessed via the Minerva chairlift. It is characterized by its exquisite stews, varieties of cream soups, casserole meats and sautéed vegetables. Another must-see is the meats on the disc, with options of chicken, goat, lamb, rabbit, wild boar and deer.


Minerva :   It is a cafe-bar oriented to the public that is passing through this sector and wants to consume something quick, but rich, such as panninis, individual pizzas, crêpes and sweet delicatessen.


How to get to Las Leñas?


Las Leñas can be reached   from the city of Malargüe  (80 kilometers) , from  San Rafael (205 kilometers)  or  from the  city of Mendoza ( 352 kilometers)  through buses or  renting a car.

In the case of doing it  from Malargüe by car   you have to go from the city center to National Route 40, to the intersection with Provincial Route 222 that crosses Los Molles until it reaches the Las Leñas ski center. The path is very simple, all asphalt and is perfectly signposted. Another way to access Las Leñas from Malargüe is by  buses   that depart from the downtown terminal (September 11 and Beltrán Oeste) and that take 2 hours to reach Las Leñas.  

If you travel from  San Rafael it is 3 hours by car   by national route 144 to all Take the RP222, it is a direct road and with signs indicating the route. In the case of going by long distance bus, you have to go to  bus terminal   ( Calle General Paz 985), located in the center of the city.

Finally, the option to go  from Mendoza city can be with a rented vehicle   a  through National Route 40 (4 hours), all the way is very well signposted. When you arrive at Las Leñas, parking is free and you can leave the car for the days you want.

If you want to   go by bus , there are constant departures to the ski center from the   bus terminal in the city center   of the city   (Av. Acceso Este and Costanera in Guaymallén)

S I want to know more about  tours   and  hosting , don't hesitate to  contact us !


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