A Piece of Buenos Aires' Heart

A Piece of Buenos Aires' Heart (Travel Stories)

Pizza came from Italy, but over time it has become a traditional dish of our cuisine. Today, pizza is part of the individual and collective history of all Argentinians.

It is said that there are more pizza places than grills in Buenos Aires, and this legend seems to be certainly true. The dish of plebeian origins has become one of the essential ingredients in every local reunion. A good gathering companion, pizza invites to conversation and is also a good alternative for lonely people and lazy cooks. Although Banchero, Güerrín, or Los Inmortales are some of the most famous culinary temples, each neighborhood has its specialty, and delivery services abound throughout the capital.

The recipe was born in Italy to cope with the famine of the emerging working class, and in the 20th century, with the appearance of unemployed contingents, it disembarked in Argentina. In fact, pizza came to the country by sea and settled in La Boca neighborhood. One day, among the tenement houses, a Neapolitan immigrant prepared the mix for some dock workers who were on strike, and soon street stands began to multiply.

Since then, the ingredients, molds, and toppings have changed, and our pizza (with thicker dough and much more cheese and oil than the original) has shaped its own identity. However, everyone continues to relate pizza to comradeship. Whether you enjoy it standing or sitting at a luxurious table, “zapi” (pizza in colloquial language) is always a popular dish.

In our gastronomic ceremony, pizza is perfectly paired with muscatel (a sweet wine), beer, and fainá (a mix of oil, chickpea flour, water, and salt). But as regards to the best pizza place in town, no one dares to give a verdict!

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