A Journey Through History Through Toys In El Calafate (Destinations)

In of November 16, 2012, the Museum of "100 Years of Playing" was inaugurated in El Calafate, the fruit of tireless efforts of its founder and director, Daniel Scardaccione. The idea is to see toys and games that everyone has had, as well as those who did not know, according to the director said in the founding act.

More than 14,000 toys from around the world, including ten thousand from Argentina dating from 1900 to 1970, are on display in a 1,500-square-meter building located on Av. Del Libertador. The idea of ??the museum began to take shape in 2005 and the first construction work was in 2007.

Daniel tells in the portal of the museum that he was always attracted by antique objects and being toys the realities in the world of children, he decided to create a place for all to observe his passion. The toys entertain, educate and teach, forming the personality of each one and, due to this, the director highlighted as the main objectives to remember the toys we have had and those we did not know existed, remember the childhood books, TV series, movies, sweets and advertisements; highlight the importance in the child's life of toys and honor all the children of the world and all those who have been.

More than 14 thousand pieces of the museum are divided between Argentine Toys (a collection of more than 10,000 toys and games manufactured from 1920 to 1970 inclusive), Foreign Toys (more than 4,000 toys manufactured from 1900 to 1970 inclusive) and Special Rooms with related topics and others of historical, social and cultural importance of our country. Among the latter we can mention the Eva Perón Foundation Room with more than 250 toys and games from that foundation, the Sala Escuela Argentina with the reproduction of an Argentine school classroom from the 1950s, the Sala de la Comicata with the development and sample of the Argentinean and foreign cartoon and the Interactive Games Room where children can play, among others.

Beautiful collection of antique toys and posters of various items, famous people,  recreational museum that reminds everyone of their childhood.