Sun & Moon Huacas - Chan Chan – Huanchaco

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Sun & Moon Huacas - Chan Chan – Huanchaco (TRUJILLO)

Do not miss the chance to discover an impressive archaeological complex and the largest mud city in the world. Our tour SUN & MOON HUACAS - CHAN CHAN – HUANCHACO will take you on a trip to the past to discover the secrets of the ancient cultures that once inhabited the region.
Pick up: Centrally located hotels - AM
Full Day
December to December
*Entrance fee
Trujillo (PE)

Details of Sun & Moon Huacas - Chan Chan – Huanchaco

After breakfast at the hotel, a guide will pick you up and transfer you to the Huacas del Sol y la Luna (Sun & Moon Huacas), but before, stop at a craft workshop of a traditional moche family.
Then go to the archaeological complex of huacas, which includes two large truncated pyramids, Huaca Las Estrellas, Huaca del Cerro Blanco, the geoglyph of the Spider and other buildings located in front of Cerro Blanco and near the Moche River.

Then visit the Huaca del Dragón or the Rainbow, a pyramid of presumed religious use, ceremonial and administrative center, built with adobe and located near Chan Chan.

Then we will have lunch at a local restaurant and will be transferred to Chan Chan, the largest mud city in the world and most populated on the north coast between 600 and 700 AC. After visiting the Nik-An Palace you will be taken to Huanchaco, a traditional beach resort in the city of Trujillo.

At the end of the tour, you will be transferred back to your hotel

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