Snorkeling With Sea Lions

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Snorkeling With Sea Lions (PUERTO MADRYN)


The SNORKELING WITH WOLVES is a must-see attraction for visitors. This experience is only done in three locations around the world and in Madryn this activity is fascinating because of the closeness of the natural colony.

The chosen site: Punta Loma Provincial Nature Reserve, located 15 km away from the city. The journey from our office takes about 20 to 25 minutes by boat crossing a scenario of beaches, cliffs, shipwrecks, whales, dolphins, cormorants, terns, stories, etc.

Reaching booking passengers shall receive theoretical instruction where the main topics will be: Technical snorkeling, management and behavior within the protected area, buoyancy (it is important to understand that with the wetsuit no extra flotation device is needed because with it will acquire positive buoyancy, will float), and our behavior within the area.

Once inside the area, sea lions will surprise you with their heads very close to the boat expectantly, looking to find out who will be the first person entering the water to play with them.

The time of departure must be combined in the offices of local operator with our sales staff as we need to take into account the natural habits of these mammals and tides. For this purpose the activity is normally done early in the morning, and / or when the tide is finishing up. Current regulations allow visits are not greater than one and a quarter in the area, which the gaming activity with these animals is 40 to 45 minutes maximum.

Puerto Madryn
Puerto Madryn
3,5 hours
August to April
- Full wetsuit and diving equipment
- Warm jacket for moving back and forth on the boat.
- Snack service on board: water, coffee, tea, hot chocolate, sandwich cookies and pastries.
- Instruction necessary according to the activity performed.
Transfers from hotel to the embarkment port.
Photography and video service (optional)
Passengers must be 7 years-old or older. There is no need to know how to swim.
Towel and swimsuit

Details of Snorkeling With Sea Lions


Duration of the excursion: three hours and a half

Main atractions:

*Puerto Pirámides

*Golfo Nuevo


It is not allowed to eat or drink on board


From august to Easter


*Spanish/English guides

*Safe equipment

* Wetsuit, two-piece helmet boots and gloves. DRYSUIT extra service.

* Full diving equipment.

* Warm jacket for moving back and forth on the boat.

* Snack service on board: water, coffee, tea, hot chocolate, sandwich cookies and pastries.

* Required Instruction according to the activity performed.

Not Included:

*Transfer from/to the boarding place

*Any personal expense



outstanding experience
Not many times in life you can get the chance to get close so seals as you can do in that tour. Very small group excursion well guided and getting there into the Puerto Madryn friendly sea lions real world. A must for everyone who likes wild nature.
Reviewed by Manu
The closest you can get to seals
Ultra recommended boat tour + snorkel excursion to watch sea lions who simple swim around you and you can even touch them.
Reviewed by reb
Sea lion experience
snorkel with sea lions in Puerto Madryn is a very nice activity. From all the tours we have done in Argentina for sure that is the one we loved the most. Our friends in facebook gave us lot´s of likes!
Reviewed by Paul


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