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Pope Francis Tour (BUENOS AIRES)

In our loved POPE FRANCIS TOUR IN BUENIS AIRES, We will be visiting the path made by Jorge Bergoglio before becoming "The Pope from the end of the world”, Pope Francis. 

The tour begins at Flores neighborhood and ends at Plaza de Mayo

We will get to know the place where Jorge Bergoglio lived with his parents and four brothers during the first years of his life. We will be also visiting the Basílica San José de Flores in which a 17 years old Jorge Bergoglio devoted his life to God. We'll also be visiting the places that educated him and where Jorge Bergoglio took his sacraments and religious vocation. 

This tour is aimed at all audiences, of any age, who wants to know the history of this major figure. 
Tangols office in San Telmo (adress: Defensa street Nr 831) at 10:00 am
Plaza de Mayo at 1:00 pm approximately
3 Hours
-Guide In Spanish/English/Portuguese.
-Transportation during the tour

Details of Pope Francis Tour

10:00 am: we will meet at Tangol Office in San Telmo neighborhood to start this 3-hour historical tour. Accompanied by a professional guide, we will enter churches, tour schools the Pope went to and also learn about his beloved Club Atlético San Lorenzo de Almagro soccer club, among other places that had influence on this major figure. 

The first stop is at Pope Francis' childhood home in Flores neighborhood, where he lived with his parents and siblings. Then move on to his early educational institutions like the College of Our Lady of Mercy and the Jesuit Universidad del Salvador along with its church. 

See the Basílica de San José de Flores where Pope used to go when he was young. At age 17, he went to confession to this Church and that was when he received his "divine call" and began serving the Church. As he said: "(at that exact moment) I immersed myself in God's mercy". In this Church, Jorge Bergoglio decided to enter the priesthood. 

Continuing this tour of the path made by Jorge Bergoglio before becoming Pope, we will see the "Basílica de María Auxiliadora y San Carlos" where Pope Francis took baptism. We will also know the history as we have a panoramic view of San Lorenzo de Almagro soccer Club, which the Pope Francisco is a passionate fan. Visit the San Ignacio de Loyola Church in Montserrat neighborhood, built by the Jesuits in 1675. Actually It is the oldest church preserved in Buenos Aires and is also part of the historical-cultural complex "Manzana de las Luces". 

Later, we will continue on to the Buenos Aires Metropolitan Cathedral located in front of Plaza de Mayo. This is the main Catholic Church in Buenos Aires, a building of the XVI century, which was declared a historical monument in 1942. It is the Cathedral where the Archbishop of Buenos Aires, Jorge Bergoglio, gave important masses. It was also the site where the devout followers of Pope Francis waited to hear if he would succeed Pope Benedicto XVI.

Excellent Pope Francis Tour
Really interesting! Not only did we get to learn a lot of the Popes Francis early life, but we also got to know many different places in BA: it was really great going to non touristic places, such as the neighborhood where he was born and raised, his kindergarden and primary school, or the little soccer field where he used to play ! Dont miss this tour if you are in BA!!!
Reviewed by Jack
Great Pope Francis Tour!!!
Wow!!! You should definitely take this Pope Francis Tour if you want to understand the background, his childhood and youth. I would HIGHLY recommend this tour if you want to know where the "Pope of the People" got his inspiration.
Reviewed by Juliet
Beautiful experience!
I loved every minute of my tour. My guide, Pablo, in addition to being warm, gracious, and kind, was extremely knowledgeable. I learned so much from him ... not only about Pope Francis, but also much of Argentina's history, culture, and politics. It was wonderful experiencing the life of the Pope, Argentina, and Buenos Aires ... through the eyes of someone who was born and raised here. Every minute of the tour was lively and interesting ... We ended the tour at The Cathedral of Buenos Aires ... I ended up spending a few uplifting hours there, attending mass, and then was pleasantly treated to a beautiful concert. Thank you so much, Pablo and Tangol, for this beautiful experience!
Reviewed by Andy H


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