La Paz City Sightseeing And Moon Valley

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La Paz City Sightseeing And Moon Valley (LA PAZ)

See the best of La Paz on a private tour with a knowledgeable local guide, who will introduce you to both top attractions and lesser-known sites, creating a well-rounded experience of the city. Visit historical landmarks like Plaza Murillo and San Francisco Church, bustling markets like the Witches Market, and natural wonders like Moon Valley. You’ll learn about the city’s colonial history and get a feel for local life as you interact with vendors and artisans and perhaps visit a museum or two. This private tour is customizable.
3 Hours

Details of La Paz City Sightseeing And Moon Valley

During the tour we will appreciate the cultural, historical, architectural, and natural wealth. Visiting The Square Murillo, Cathedral, Palace of Government, Church of San Francisco, Viewer of Quilli Quilli, Gold Museum, Market of the Witches and the Valley of the Moon, located to 15 Km. of the city. The erosion has achieved after the years to form a group of astonishing stony formations that give the visitor the sensation of having discovered an unknown world. A true one and almost "real" lunar landscape.

Things to do in La Paz
If you are looking for what to do in La Paz, you should consider booking the tour La Paz City Sightseeing And Moon Valley. It´ll be an experience you won´t forget!
Reviewed by Hellen
Incredible day in La Paz
if you are traveling to La Paz you shouldn´t miss the tour La Paz City Sightseeing And Moon Valley. It is a unique experience!
Reviewed by Mike


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