Amazon Jungle Adventure Cruise - Delfin 2

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Amazon Jungle Adventure Cruise - Delfin 2 (IQUITOS)

Hop on board Delfin II, which offers all the comforts provided by world class lodging yet with the spirit of casual and refined elegance while you sail in the Peruvian Pacaya Samiria National Reserve with us. The dining room, observation deck and lounge, bar, entertainment center, and library are the ideal gathering places for all our guests. New to the Delfin II are the additions of an exercise space, spa, and lecture/presentation room.

Your Amazon journey takes off on arrival in Iquitos, were we will pick you up and take you to our vessel. In the following days, you will wonder with one in a lifetime experiences such as early morning trail walks, kayaking through small creeks, tributaries, and lagoons, sport fishing exotic species, swimming near pink river dolphins, night expeditions, and much more!
Departure: Nauta Port
Arrival: Nauta Port
January to November
*All meals while on board (arrival day: dinner, cruise days: all meals, departure day: breakfast & lunch)

*All excursions & equipment (including rubber boots & rain ponchos)

*Transfers to/from vessel when arriving on recommended flights to Iquitos (both 17:00hr)

*Entrance fee to Pacaya Samiria National Reserve

*Natural juices, soda, coffee, tea, water; beer, house cocktails, pisco cocktails & sours, house wines with lunch and dinner
*Air tickets to/from Iquitos

*Cost of medical emergencies (including evacuation)

*Gratuities (amount suggested per guest: US$ 120.00)

*Any additional transportation services

*Any additional bar consumptions
The weather in Iquitos is warm and humid and the temperature varies between 33 °C (90 °F) and 21 °C (70 °F).
*Clothing: light and fresh pieces, blouses, long-sleeved shirts, swimwear, shoes with soft rubber sole for the boat (rubber boots and rain
ponchos are provided by us), cardigan or long-sleeved shirts, wind resistant jackets. The days are hot and humid while the night breeze is fresh.

*Insects & Mosquitoes: We recommend taking Vitamin B or B-15 a few days before arrival to the jungle. These vitamins are the best natural
repellent against insect bites. As well, do not forget to bring conventional repellent and cream for bites.

*Other items: We suggest bringing sunscreen, a hat, sunglasses, binoculars (very important for enjoying the fauna and flora. Preferably 1 per
person), camera, and extra batteries
Iquitos (PE)

January: 01 / April: 09 - 30 / May: 28 / June: 11 - 18 / July: 09 - 30 / August: 06 / September: 03 - 10 / October: 01 - 08 / November: 05 - 12 - 19

Itinerary: The itineraries are subject to change due to weather conditions at certain times of the year. The water levels of the rivers also vary
from time to time, as well as the hours of sailing. Excursions may be modified at the discretion of the Delfin crew.

Details of Amazon Jungle Adventure Cruise - Delfin 2


AM: Arrive to the Amazon city of Iquitos: Our crew will be expecting your arrival at the airport, then transfer all together by our comfortable private vehicle. We will start you off with a lunchbox as we begin a panoramic tour of Iquitos city. After the tour we will travel over 95 kilometers to Nauta, where you will embark on the Delfin II. You will enjoy a VIP greeting at our private port along the shores of the Marañon River.

Embarkation: Aboard Delfin II, you will be served by our qualified staff who will introduce you to your exquisite and cozy suite, specially equipped with all the amenities for the experienced traveler as yourself.  Orientation: While the Delfin begins its initial navigation, you will enjoy the most fantastic panoramic views, while  our bartender awaits you to serve you with an exotic cocktail made with regional fruits and pisco, the beloved national brandy liquor of Peru. Then, your naturalist guide will give you an overview of your journey's schedule, activities, route, highlights, wildlife and vegetation

PM: Yacapana Island the birthplace of the Amazon: As we begin sailing downstream, we will pass by Yacapana Island. Here we can see the confluence of the Ucayali and Maranon, birthplace of the Amazon River.


AM: Belluda Caño Creek: Early today, you will head for this spectacular tributary spot within the Pacaya Samiria National Reserve in our skiffs where you will also experience an unforgettable encounter with gray and pink river dolphins. 

PM: Dorado River: On the river, you will see abundant wildlife and nature in all of its exuberance while we search for the Amazon River’s transitional forest species, such as snail kites, festive parrots, endangered scarlet macaws, olive spotted hummingbirds, Amazonian parrots and wood creepers, among others. Try your hand at piranha fishing as well during sunset. When the night shift strikes, you’ll encounter a whole new world of adventure! As night approaches, your guide will take you on a night safari in search of caiman alligators and night birds.


AM: Yarapa River: Never does nature seem more beautiful than in the tropics. In this opportunity you will have the chance to explore one of our main cores of the National Reserve. On board our skiffs we will have the chance to get deep into the rainforest and its fantastic diversity of flora and fauna. You will have the chance to enjoy some of the myriad bird species, colorful butterflies and other diverse insects, noisy monkey troops and active pink and grey river dolphins. Enjoy the black river waters and discover this mysterious and bountiful destination. Next, you will visit the community of Puerto Miguel to meet local villagers who have called Amazonia their home for generations. You may step into a typical schoolhouse where the children will be very happy to have visitors, and then stop by an area to see the women of this community who have the most amazing arts & craft market.

PM: Fundo Casual: We start the afternoon in one of the most important zones of the Pacaya Samiria National Reserve. The walk at Fundo Casual jungle trail will take you deep into the rainforest on non-flooded forest where your guide will point out the dynamic creatures and vegetation of the Amazon.  In the afternoon, we will explore Nauta Caño Creek and its various delights via skiff.  If you wish, you can also kayak through the calm waters. As night falls, our guides will take you on another night safari.


AM: Disembarkation: At the port of Nauta, our ground crew will be waiting to take you by our private vehicle back to the city of Iquitos, about 95 kilometers away. On our way from Nauta back to Iquitos airport, you will visit the Rescue & Rehabilitation Center of River Mammals (ACOBIA) where you will have the chance to meet baby manatees and learn about these wonderful and docile creatures  Our land personnel will wait for you at the airport and give your boarding passes and help you check in. 

Airport departure: Our staff will be on hand to help you with your luggage and check in at Crnl.Francisco Secada Vignetta International Airport in Iquitos. 

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