Buenos Aires Tango Show In Buenos Aires Argentina

If your are traveling to Buenos Aires, you don´t have to miss a Tango Show. 
You can read lots of articles and reviews in order to discover which one is the best Buenos Aires Tango Show, but the fact is that there are several great Tango Shows in Buenos Aires city, where you will enjoy a high-quality show and very good dinner as well.

Located in the traditional neighbourhood of San Telmo, you will find two traditional tango shows: El Querandi and Viejo Almacen. Both of them have a rich history in Buenos Aires, offering a great tango show every night with a really good menu and wine options.

Esquina Carlos Gardel Tango Show located in Abasto, is one of the most popular ones amongst Buenos Aires Tango Shows. It also offers a VIP section, where you will get an incredible dinner and enjoy the best views of the tango show.

Rojo Tango, located in Puerto Madero, is a very sensual and modern tango show. It offers an original tango show, really different from the traditional ones.

La Ventana has a very good advantage. When you book your tango show and dinner, you get a free tango lesson or a wine tasting in its private winery before the tango show. So you get much more for the same price.

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