Luxury Galapagos: From San Cristobal To Santa Cruz On Camila

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Highlights of Luxury Galapagos: from San Cristobal to Santa Cruz on Camila

When visiting the Galapagos Islands for a week there is an exchange regarding the landing sites that you can and cannot see, in a place where you can find such a variation large that crosses from one side of a bay or island to another, like crossing the entire archipelago. This has always been the case. Recently, Galápagos National Park decided to reduce the environmental impact on its landing sites of more than 40 visitors, requiring yachts to wait 14 days before returning to a specific National Park visitor site. As a result of this rule, each of our yachts will operate on different routes.

If you have only one week to spend in Galápagos, you will be happy to know that there is no better or worse itinerary, just different.

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Our  Yachtes Boutique   are unlike any other form of travel and the only way to experience the  magic of the Galapagos Islands .

The  fauna and flora   of the Galapagos Islands are the  biggest attraction   of these fantastic islands from Ecuador. Many  species   are  endemic and unique , meaning that they cannot be seen anywhere else on the planet. The  fauna is mainly composed   of  birds, reptiles and marine animals . The  flora , no less interesting, is formed  from very poisonous trees to cacti of all types and conditions .

Who never dreamed of seeing the  giant tortoises   or the  finches   described by Darwin during his scientific expeditions?

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Details of Luxury Galapagos: From San Cristobal To Santa Cruz On Camila


Saturday - Day 1

AM: Arrival at San Cristobal Airport with transfer to M/C Ocean Spray

Welcome to the Galapagos Islands aboard M/T Camila. You will be met by our guide and crew who will show you your accommodations.  The guide and the cruise manager will then briefly brief you on all safety and emergency protocols, different areas of the vessel and the normal routine of the itinerary.

PM: San Cristobal - Lobos Island/Kicker Rock

The Island of Lobos was named after the number of sea lions that reside here resting and playing along the rocky shores. It is also home to many birds such as pelicans, frigate birds and their nests, yellow warblers and more. Inside the small canal the waters are very clear, making it easy to find sea turtles, sea lions, rays and maybe even white sharks.

Activities:   Hiking shorts, swimming and snorkeling.

Difficulty:   Easy/Moderate

Possible wildlife:   Sea lions, various coastal birds, light-footed crabs, frigate birds.

Sunday - Day 2

AM : San Cristobal - Pitt Point

Upon arriving at Pitt Point, it will appear that we have landed on an extraterrestrial planet. We will be able to see the many different developments over time of how volcanic activity formed this island.  A walk to the top offers incredible views of the surrounding waters. Watch out for blue-footed boobie nests on the ground and keep an eye out for red-footed boobies nests in the trees when you reach the top of the island.

Activities:   Hiking and kayaking.

Difficulty:    Moderate to Difficult

Possible wildlife:  Sea lions, various coastal birds, light-footed crabs, Nazca boobies, blue-footed boobies, red-footed boobies.

What to bring:   Sturdy walking shoes and walking sticks to help on uneven terrain.

PM: San Cristobal - Mount of Witches

Passing over a panga, your guide and crew will show you incredible rock formations formed by the passage of time and sea erosion. Nbsp ; You will finally arrive at a beautiful white sand beach to spend time swimming or sunbathing. Swim with sea lions or stroll across the beach.

Activities:   Panga, swim and snorkel.

Difficulty:   Moderate:

Possible wildlife:   Sea lions, several coastal birds, light-footed crabs.

What to bring:   Swimwear and/or sandals or shoes for both land and water.

Monday - Day 3

AM: Floreana - Post Office Bay

Ask the Cruise Manager for one of our complimentary postcards to write a message and address it home. Leave in the barrel previously used by pirates and sailors. While you're there, see if there are any postcards you can take home to send to help people who have already left their messages!  

Activities:   Mail barrel, relaxing on the beach, swimming or snorkeling

Difficulty:   Easy:

Possible wildlife:   frigates, sea lions, sea turtles, various coastal birds and sea birds, marine life.

What to bring:   Bring your swimsuit and don't forget your postcards. 

PM: Floreana - Cormorant Point/Devil's Crown

Cormorant is an interesting place for visitors. Two beaches can be visited here, just after the first beach there is a salt water lagoon with flamingos. One of the beaches looks green because of the olivine crystals, and the other is aptly called Praia da Farinha because of the powdered white sand, made of fine and powdered corals. Watch your feet if you walk in the water, the stingrays also love to stay here.

The Devil's Crown boasts one of the best snorkeling opportunities.  Below the surface are incredible volcanic structures that have submerged over time. Hundreds of colorful fish species can be seen along the reef, along with sharks, rays, sea turtles, sea lions and rays.  It is a beautiful underwater spectacle that cannot be missed.

Activities:   Oxygen scuba diving and hiking

Difficulty:   Snorkeling - Moderate to difficult/Hike - easy

Possible wildlife:   frigates, sea lions, sea turtles, galapagos sharks, white tip sharks, tropical fish, various coastal birds and sea birds, varied marine life.

What to bring:   If you have an underwater camera, the Devil's Crown is one of the best places to bring it while snorkeling.

Tuesday - Day 4

AM: Santa Cruz - Black Turtle Cove

Black Turtle Cove is located on the north side of Santa Cruz Island. This shallow cove is surrounded by mangroves and provides natural protection for a variety of marine life, attracting vulnerable juveniles of many species. Below the water's surface, you can see both black and white tipped coral reef sharks, sea turtles, golden cow-nose rays and spotted eagle rays. Blue-footed pelicans and oobies hunt here, diving gracefully into the water.

Activities:   Panga ride

Difficulty:   Easy

Possible wildlife:   White-tipped sharks, rays, sea turtles, lions marine and several coastal birds.

Transfer to the airport

After this final visit, you will be transferred to the airport and your cruise will come to an end.

- Champagne Reception
- Accommodation in a double cabin with air conditioning
- Private bathroom and hot water
- All meals throughout the cruise
- Soft drinks and juices
- Water, Coffee and tea
- Guide certified by the Galápagos National Park
- Transfers from and to the Galapagos airport
- Guided tours of the islands
- Kayaks, stand-up board, snorkel equipment, wetsuit
- Round trip flights to Galapagos - USD 550.00 approximately during low season
- Entrance fees to the Galápagos National Park (USD 100.00 pp)
-Transit control card (USD 20.00)
- Alcoholic beverages
- Bottled drinks
- Tips
- No expense not specified as included
- Rate per person in a double cabin: if the passenger is traveling alone, he must share the cabin with another passenger or pay a supplement of 50% of the final cruise price to stay in an individual cabin.
- Itineraries subject to change due to many different elements, such as weather, park authorities and regulations, air operations beyond our control, guide experience and safety concerns.
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