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Get money back on your hotel bookings

It is a constant challenge to get the best rates for your hotel reservation. Prices change everyday and vary from website to website. So how can you be sure that you are getting a fair quotation? How can you know if you are really getting the cheapest deal available? Well, we have the answer for these questions...

Your hotel booking Example price before: USD 266
Your new hotel booking Example price after: USD 198

Step 1: Book your hotel

Book your hotel where you find the best deal, just be sure that they offer free cancellation. Nowadays most of the hotel booking platforms offer this chance.

Step 2: Send us your booking

Send your booking confirmation to us by completing the form below or just simply forward your confirmation e-mail to

Step 3: Save money!

We will start monitoring your reservation and will get back to you when prices drop down. You will then be able to rebook your exactly room for the same dates for a lower rate!

The whole service is easy, fast and of course it is also absolutely free!

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