Canales Patagonicos - Ruta Sur (Puerto Montt - Puerto Natales)

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Highlights of Canales Patagonicos - Ruta Sur (Puerto Montt - Puerto Natales)

Discover the beauty of the pristine parks and travel the southern route of the Patagonian Channels from Puerto Montt to Puerto Natales. Leave behind the city noise and be seduced by the outstanding abundance of one of the most pure scenes: the Patagonian Channels.  From the heart of Reloncaví, the Golf of Ancud, the Corcovado or the Moraleda Channel to the beautiful decent of the cordillera of the coast in the Taitao Peninsula. A tour in the Golf of Penas to remember the eternal route of the ancient indigenous people, where traces of the dismemberment of the cordillera of the Andes give rise to small islands covered with coihues, beech and little cyprus. A living testimony that is immersed in the Campos de Hielo Sur where the multicolored waters that surround Puerto Edén greet the passengers and home to the last kawéskar in the area. Everything ends in Puerto Natales, entry to natural monumental landscapes like the Torres del Paine National Park, Milodón Natural Monument and National Glacier Park in Argentina.

1.- Puerto Montt
2.- Castro
3.- Chaitén
4.- Puerto Chacabuco
5.- Coyhaique
6.- Laguna San Rafael
7.- Cochrane
8.- Puerto Edén
9.- Puerto Natales
10.- Punta Arenas

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Puerto Montt Port 9 Hs
Puerto Natales
4 Days
• Accommodation according to category
• All meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner)
• Movies and boardgames

Details of Cruises

Attractions and activities in the south of Patagonia

Hiking and trekking
With its 242,242 hectares, Torres del Paine National Park offers an excellent alternative for hiking and trekking. There are two interesting trips for those wanting to trek: the trail known as W and the large trail. Both surround the rock formation Cuernos del Paine and include a walk to the base of the tower where you get beautiful views of the park and a walk in front of the Glaciers such as Grey and Francés, among others. Near the city of Puerto Williams you find the worlds southern most trekking: Dientes de Navarino. This route, located on Navarino Island, takes you through breathtaking views of the mountains that offer impressive views of the Beagle Channel. In the Argentine Territory, Glacier National Park is home to Mount Fitz Roy, and offers a series of circuits with different levels of difficultly. 

For the outdoors lover we recommend Torres del Paine National Park where you can horseback ride, kayak and hike, among other activities. Even more, the park offers a wide range of accommodation options from camping to luxurious hotels. 

Magellan Penguins, condors, woodpeckers, black-necked swans, cormorants, petrels, flamingos, geese and rheas are some of the species of birds that can be observed in areas of this extreme region. For this activity we recommend Magdalena Island and the Torres del Paine National Park.

Sport Fishing 
Salmon, rainbow and brown trout are the species that inhabit the great island of Tierra del Fuego, an ideal setting for fishing. We especially recommend White Lake where you can enjoy an unforgettable experience fishing at the end of the world.

This sport is king in the area during winter and there are several alternatives to try: The Cerro Mirador ski fields, close to the city of Punta Arenas, offer beautiful views of the Straight of Magellan, while in Villa la Angostura, Río Turbio and Cerro Castor in Ushuaia you find the ski centers of the Argentine Territory.

Programs Puerto Montt - Puerto Natales
Low Season: April - October

Check-in times
• Check-in: Friday from 09:00 hr a 12.30 hr (June and July Check-in - Saturday)
• Presentation Hour: 14:00 hrs. 

• Hour of departure: 16:00 hrs

Day 1
• Cruise through Calbuco
• Heart of Reloncaví
• Golf of Ancud
• Golf of Corcovado
• Informative talk 14:00 hrs. 
• Boarding 14:30 hrs. 
• Departure 16:00 hrs. 
• Welcome talk with the Captain and security video 17:00 hrs. 
• Talk: Modismos18:00 hrs. (High Season) 
• Dinner 19:30 hrs. 
• Movie (dining room) 22:00 hrs. 
• Live music (pub) 22:00 hrs.

Golf of Corcovado
Day 2
• Cruise through Melinka & Pérez Channels North and South (high season)
• View colony of sea lions and cormorants
• Cruise past Brieva and Peñón Blanco
• Entrance to Pulluche Channel 
• Depart for the sea in the afternoon 
• Breakfast 08:00 hrs.
• Morning briefing 09:15 hrs. 
• Talk: Flora y Fauna (Spanish) 09:45 hrs. (high season) 
• Talk: Flora y Fauna (English) 10:30 hrs. (high season) 
• lunch 12:30 hrs. 
• Talk: Los Kawéskar (Spanish) 15:30 hrs. (high season) 
• Talk: Los Kawéskar (English) 16:00 hrs. (high season) 
• Documentary 18:00 hrs. 
• Dinner 19:30 hrs. 
• Movie (dining room) 21:30 hrs. 
• Live music (pub) 21:30 hrs. 

Day 3
• Enter the area of channels, Canal Messier.
• Cruise past Angostura Inglesa and Bajo Cotopaxi
• Cruise past Abismo
• Concepción Channel 
• Free early coffee (pub) 06:00 hrs. 
• Breakfast 08:00 hrs. 
• Morning briefing 09:30 hrs. 
• Lunch 13:00 hrs. 
• Talk: Geology and Glaciación (Spanish) 15:00 hrs. (high season) 
• Talk: Geology and Glaciación (English) 15:30 hrs. (high season) 
• Talk: Torres del Paine (Spanish) 18:00 hrs. (high season) 
• Talk: Torres del Paine (English) 18:30 hrs. (high season) 
• Dinner 19:30 hrs. 
• Bingo and Party (pub) 21:30 hrs. 

Angostura Inglesa
Día 4
• White Channel 
• Seno Última Esperanza
• Breakfast 08:00 hrs 
• Morning briefing 09:30 hrs.
• Entrance to the keys 10:00 hrs. 
  • Disembark - depending on wind conditions 03:00p.m.
Nota: Program subject to change without prior notice.

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Things to do in Puerto Montt

If you are looking for what to do in Puerto Montt, you should consider booking the tour Canales Patagonicos - Ruta Sur (Puerto Montt - Puerto Natales). It´ll be an experience you won´t forget!

Reviewed by Hellen
Incredible day in Puerto Montt

if you are traveling to Puerto Montt you shouldn´t miss the tour Canales Patagonicos - Ruta Sur (Puerto Montt - Puerto Natales). It is a unique experience!

Reviewed by Mike

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