Mini Trekking Perito Moreno Glacier Hike In El Calafate

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Highlights of Perito Moreno Glacier Hike

Book the Mini Trekking Perito Moreno Glacier Hike and you will feel the ice closer than ever!

This full-day excursion will take you to walk over the glacier, fully equipped and accompanied by our certified bilingual guides.
You will also have access to the Glacier's balconies during a whole hour in order to get the best views and landscapes of the National Park before going for this one of a kind experience!
The excursion includes a 20 minutes navigation to the Perito Moreno Glacier and a long walk over the Ice to discover every corner of the Glacier.

Hotels in El Calafate from 07:00 am (the pick up time will be reconfirmed when booking)
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Hotels in El Calafate from 05:00 pm
9 Hours
August - May
- Transfers from/to hotels in El Calafate
- Bilingual mountain guides
- Minitrekking perito moreno glacier Ticket
- Port taxes
- Entrance to the National Park
- Lunch and drinks
* Age: only between 10 and 65 years old.
* Due to the degree of effort and difficulty that this excursion presents, is NOT allowed for
- Pregnant women
- People with overweight
- Some type of disability or cardiac or other health problems.
- Warm clothes, raincoat jacket, waterproof trousers, hiking boots, sunglasses, sun screen, gloves, hat, backpack (40lts).
- Lunch and water
El Calafate (AR)
- The complete mini trekking perito moreno glacier tour with transportation from El Calafate takes around 10 hours.
- The mini trekking runs from beginning of August up to first days of June.
- The entrance to the National Park is not included and can only be paid in cash and Argentine pesos. The cost is ARS $ 800 (subject to changes without prior notice).

Details of Day Tours

We’ll begin our PERITO MORENO GLACIER HIKE tour, also know as Mini Trekking Perito Moreno, by picking you up directly from your hotel in the morning. We’ll then travel around 80km towards the Los Glaciares national park.

After about an hour of travelling, we’ll arrive at Bajo de las Sombras port, which sits around 6km away from the glacier viewing points. From here, we’ll hop onto a modern, comfortable boat and sail along Brazo Rico for 20 minutes or so, getting some incredible views of Perito Moreno’s front wall.

When we arrive at the other side, we’ll be welcomed by our specialist bilingual guides as we hop off the boat and are led to a small shelter. After checking everyone’s details (you’ll be in a small group of no more than 20), the guides will lead us along the shore towards the edge of the glacier. Once we’re on the ice, the guides will give us each a set of crampons and explain how to use them.

Ready to go, we’ll set off on our 2-hour minitrekking circuit. We’ll see some incredible scenery around the glaciers: streams, little lagoons, ravines, crevasses and some gorgeous ice structures. The ice surface is uneven but firm which only adds to the uniqueness of the experience.

Throughout the hike, you’ll hear about the nature, animals and glaciology of the area, as well as about the strange phenomenon of Perito Moreno which will cause its eventual fracture.

After our hike, we’ll head through the forest to get back to the little shelter, from where we’ll hop back on the boat and sail for another 20 minutes to reach Bajo de las Sombras port.

On the way back, we will have free time for lunch (not included) and to tour the balconies and footbridges built on different levels in front of the glacier, which will allow us to have incredible panoramic views and take the best pictures. 

From here, we’ll bring our tour to a close by dropping you back at your hotel for the evening in El Calafate.

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Rates of Perito Moreno Glacier Hike in El Calafate

Valid rates for 2020 per person

Perito Moreno Glacier Minitrekking (Full Day)
Service with transfer. Includes: - Transfers from / to hotels in El Calafate - Bilingual mountain guides
Offered in: ESP,ENG,POR
Starts: 07:00 Hs
Duration: 10 HS
Operates: Everyday

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Reviews of Day Tours Trekkings

A must!

Such a great tour! i have never imagined myself hiking over the ice in such an environment! You don´t need any special training nor equipment other than nice trekking boots and insulation for the cold. We were a group of 30 people from all over the world on the ice. A great thing to do in the perito moreno Glacier.

Reviewed by Gert
Perito moreno hike

i followed a tip i read on a review and i have to admit that hiking perito moreno was cool.

Reviewed by Greggy
Happy in the Glaciar

When you spend a day in a touristic day tour you never know if it will end up being good or not. The Perito Moreno Mini Trekking is a fabulous journey over the Perito moreno Glacier. I recommend doing that full day excursion on your calafate stay.

Reviewed by Nadine

A very expensive tour that consist in a journey hiking through the ice over the Perito Moreno Glacier. nice experience. aver all recommended!

Reviewed by Rose

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