Total Solar Eclipse Premium Camping Program

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Highlights of Total Solar Eclipse Premium Camping Program

A new Total Solar Eclipse will occur on December 14th 2020 and it will reach part of the Argentine and Chilean Patagonia.
This program gives an unique opportunity to enjoy one of the most wonderful astronomical events that can be seen from the Planet Earth. 

If you enjoy adventure and nature, 3-day program is ideal for you. You'll spend two nights at a premium camping and experience this Total Solar Eclipse Adventure reaching a privileged location along the central axis of the eclipse in Northern Patagonia in Neuquén province, Argentina

A solar eclipse is a phenomenon that occurs when the Moon hides the Sun from the view of the Earth. An astronomical event that can only happen during the new moon, that is, when it is located exactly between the Earth and the Sun.

This activity will take place in a private location, exclusive for our group. 
Full board & main meals accompanied by non-alcoholic beverages, premium Argentine wines and Patagonian craft beers are included!

Don't miss the Total Solar Eclipse Premium Camping Program! 

Bariloche/Neuquén/San Martin de los Andes
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Bariloche/Neuquén/San Martin de los Andes
3 Days
December - December
- Shared transfers from Bariloche/Neuquén/San Martin de los Andes
- 2 nights at the Eclipse base camp in Santo Tomás in a private ranch.
- Breakfast and meals mentioned in the itinerary.
- Mineral water on dispensers located at the water stations of the base camp.
- Activities described in the itinerary,
- Bilingual guide (English / Spanish),
- Camping kit Igloo tent, with sleeping bag , infatable camping mat, led camping lantern & mug,
- Eclipse sunglasses.
**Domestic and international flights
**Meals non mentioned in the itinerary
*Local tips
- Day Backpack
- Wind Jacket
- Mountain / Outdoor Pants
- Hiking Boots / Training Shoes
- Fleece & Extra
- Woolen Hat / Gloves
- Cap / Sun Screen
- Rain Gear (In Case Of Bad Weather)
- Accommodation: For passengers staying in double base we will provide an Igloo tent for 4 passengers size.
For passengers staying in single base we will provide an Igloo tent for 2 passengers size.
- Due to weather conditions, nature disasters, or any other circumstance that would affect in any possible way your security, our local suppliers are in the right to change the order of services.

Details of Travel Packages

Day 1: Arrival to the base camp
Dinner included

Welcome to Patagonia!
On your first day you will meet your guide at your selected meeting point and get your transfer to Santo Tomás Eclipse Base Camp located at 230 km far from Neuquén capital city (3hr 30 minutes driving). Once you arrive at the Base Camp you will be contacted by our Base Camp Hosts, who will provide you with the camping kit, show you the Camp and give you all the information that you might need during this program of 3 days. 

You will have time to explore this amazing ranch until 7 pm when dinner will be served in order to let passengers go to bed early in order to wake up during midnight to see the peak of the Gemind meteor shower lights that will be taking part this nigh at 2am approx.
We will provide coffee and tea with some snacks during the night. 

Meals included: Dinner menu (entrance: soup, main course: chicken and vegetables cooked on iron discs, dessert: Patagonic fruits) 

Accommodation: Igloo tent, with sleeping bag , inflatable camping mat. (Camping kit : Led camping lantern & mug)

Day 2: Eclipse day at the Base Camp
Breakfast, lunch & dinner included

The itinerary of the Eclipse Day will be as it follows:

06:30 am: Breakfast 
08 am: Set ourselves up at the open field
11 am: Second breakfast (fruits, croissants, coffee and tea)
11:45:38 am: Start of the Partial Eclipse
13:08:05 pm: Start of the Full Eclipse
13:09:08 pm: Full Eclipse
13:10:12 pm: End of the Full Eclipse
02 pm: Outdoor premium lunch
14:35:37 pm: End of the Partial Eclipse

Once the phenomenon is over and for those who have extra energy, we will be offering 3 different walks of low, medium or high level difficulty from the base camp.

Back at the base camp, dinner will be served around 8/8.30 pm 

Meals included: Breakfast (Fruits, bread, croissants, eggs, marmalade, coffee and tea), 
2nd Breakfast, 
Lunch menu (all type of meat - lamb, beef, turkey) and vegetables gourmet sandwiches, dessert: fruits) 
Farewell Dinner menu (lamb or chicken stew and vegetables stew) dessert: Patagonic candies called alfajores or fruits and patagonic cider for the farewell toast)

Accommodation: Igloo tent, with sleeping bag , inflatable camping mat. (Camping kit: Led camping lantern & mug)

Day 3: Final Day
Breakfast included

Today, breakfast will be served at 7 am in order to be ready to take the 8.30 am the transfer back to the your selected drop off point. 

Meals included: Breakfast (Fruits, bread, croissants, eggs, marmalade, coffee and tea).

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PAQSIB 13/12/2020 - 15/12/2020SGLUSD 2323

06/07/2020 13:37:15

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