Waterfalls, Choose Your Own Adventure (Destinations)

The postcard landscape of the Iguazu river invites contemplation, but the restless also take place in this geography. The heart of the jungle offers a menu of activities for every emotion.

Among thousands of hectares of jungle, the Iguazu Falls burst with the grandiloquence of an orchestra. Declared as one of the seven wonders of the world, the 275 jumps that make up the National Park individually offer different scales and tonalities between the green and reds of the missionary landscape, but together they certainly form a unique masterpiece.

Perceive the sounds of animals, admire the colors of the vegetation and listen to the eternal fall of the water, are the infallible classics of this concert guided through an ecological train that runs through the jungle and walkways that approach the waterfalls, assembling two circuits: the lower one, which shows the jumps from the front and from the bottom, and the upper one, which provides a global panorama from a greater height.

 However, who runs the baton here is the Devil's Throat. The constant rumble of the current falling by its 80 meters high makes vibrate to the senses less awaken. From a panoramic balcony, this water wall (the most impressive of all) bathes visitors with dew, while dazzling with its brightness and deafening with its roar.

 Nobody escapes the stunned contemplation of this recital. Now, if you want to know the behind the scenes and feel the jungle in your own body, you can find alternatives to take the sensory experience to the limit. Climbing, practicing arborism or sailing in a boat are some of the proposals that allow you to enter the bowels of this scenario.

IN WATER. A particular perspective of the falls is the boat trip. In this, the boat goes full speed down the lower Iguazu River in the middle of the jungle until it reaches the foot of the waterfalls. While the Devil's Throat is not entered, the force of the whirlwinds of wind and water caused by the Three Musketeers jump is felt.

IN THE AIR. One of the most original ways to get to know the jungle is the canopy or zip line. The method consists of jumping through the treetops 30 meters high through a harness system. To the adrenaline and fun, the walk adds a unique vision of the vegetal mantle while everything is observed with the sight of the birds. In turn, rappelling is another way of obtaining a panorama "from above."

ON EARTH. Beyond the many trails for trekking, the terrain can be explored by jeep. This jungle safari lasts approximately two hours and allows you to observe the fauna and flora in their original state.