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Best Travel Package In Argentina (Trends)

Dear fellow travelers! Today we are pleased to announce that our Discovering The North Of Argentina Tour has been selected as an Unordinary Trip of the Month by, the #1 travel portal on the Internet specialized in the out-of-ordinary vacations. As a major tour operator for Latin America, we're truly happy about this highlight and believe this is a magnificent opportunity allowing people to explore Argentina more closely.
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A lucky winner will be chosen at random and get a one-year full membership of the GPSmyCity app including access to ALL the GPSmyCity content - over 6,500 self-guided city walks and travel articles – to the total value of over $8,000!!!
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Source: InfoHub

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J.W. Bradley, A Must Stop In Buenos Aires (Trends)

A hidden bar in the heart of Palermo takes us through the same routes as the Orient Express with its styling and cocktail menu. Just have a seat, let yourself go and enjoy the moment through J.W. Bradley’s atmosphere and music.

   As every night, it all starts behind the door No. 1875. The coach opens at eight in the evening to receive the first passengers. The first step is to get on board, make yourself comfortable in one of the wooden seats, and enjoy the ride through the Old Continent. When we get off, a big open space with a bar and tables on each side invites us to immerse into a cozy designer place. Ideal both for couples and groups of friends, the place offers shared tables that are an invitation to fellowship.
   With an aesthetics of the 19th century and a cocktail menu that pays homage to the Orient Express—the luxurious train that used to run from Paris to Constantinople—, J.W. Bradley with its flavors takes us on a tour through its coaches, stations, and history. One example is the Monsieur Poirot cocktail, named after the famous detective who was the leading character in Agatha Christie’s Murder in Orient Express. It has vodka, Cointreau, pineapple syrup, ginger, honey, red berry juice, lemon, and egg white. Another cocktail suggested by the house is the Orient Express in honor of the company, which takes sake, vodka, cherry brandy, pineapple juice, lime, cherry, and jasmine tea syrup. Of course, the menu includes English tea with Italian vermouth, Scottish whisky with French liqueur, and a wide range of beers.
   Bradley Bar opens Wednesday through Saturday, from 8:00 PM until closing. To make your work week feel shorter it’s a must to stop by and try the Working Class Ticket, which includes an Argentinian classic: Amargo Obrero, lemon juice, pink grapefruit with thyme, mint, and syrup. For those who want something to accompany these refreshing cocktails, J.W. Bradley offers a complete signature menu and tapas. As for desserts, the chocolate volcano takes all the praise. And for those who prefer something healthier, seasonal fruit flambé is a good choice for those with a sweet tooth.
Are you ready to get on board? It’s time to begin the journey and enjoy the history behind the door 1875 of J.W. Bradley. All Aboard!!!

Godoy Cruz 1875, Palermo Soho 
T. 4831-9574
Wednesday through Saturday, from 8:00 PM to 4:00 AM

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Source: Revista Buenos Aires Day&Night

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Mate, An Infusion To Share (Trends)

Dinking mate is usually a must at any good meeting with friends. Flavored, plain, or made of different herbs, Argentine yerba mate is one of the most consumed in the world.

When conquerors arrived at the wet lands of South America, they noticed that natives would drink an infusion that the Guarani Indians called “caiguá” (káa = herb, y = water, and gua that means "what belongs to the herb").

Decades, wars, and governments went by, but the culture of mate became a heritage of the Argentine people (although we also have to acknowledge the paternity of Uruguay and Paraguay).

Among the properties given to the beverage by its followers are its excellent diuretic and antioxidant properties apart from its being a natural energy drink. It is also a source of minerals, such as potassium or magnesium, and of vitamin B.

 Regular drinkers recommend filling three quarters of a container or gourd with yerba. Then, turn the container upside-down and shake it so that the thinnest particles remain on top and do not block the bombilla (tube used for drinking ).

Once the infusion is ready, we pour some cool water, and drink the first mate, called the “silly mate” due to the very strong flavor typical of the herb. For the rest of the rounds, the water is used at 75°C.

Some people add sugar to the beverage or mix it with orange or lemon zests, while others dare to pour milk instead of water, thus giving the drink different flavors and nuances.

 It is also important to know how to keep yerba mate: it has to be kept in an airtight container that protects it from light and humidity, and if possible, far from products that have strong aromas that can contaminate the particular flavor of the yerba.


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Argentina: 100% Mafalda (Trends)

In the 1960s, Quino captured Argentina's middle class in a comic strip—Mafalda. Since then, this witty and biting girl is part of the lives of all Argentineans.

Who is she? Mafalda is a newspaper comic strip developed by the Argentine artist Quino between 1964 and 1973. The comic strip was named after its main character—a girl, worried about humanity and world peace, who rebels against the world imposed by adults. A reflection of the Latin American middle class and the progressive youth, Mafalda criticizes the society of her time through her humor. Her witty remarks and questions challenge the established order and aim at bringing to light a new way of thinking about the world.

Her universe. Mafalda was born in a middle class family of the 1960s and, at the beginning of the comic strip, she is 4 years old and she is about to start kindergarten. A staunch activist against soup and in favor of pancakes, she is continuously making adults feel uncomfortable with her questions. She defends women's social progress tooth and nail, and embodies the ideals and utopia generated by a world in crisis. Her father is a typical office clerk who loves his indoor plants, and her mother is a housewife who gave up her university education in order to raise her children. Each of her friends represents a social player of the time. The result is a perfect picture of the Argentine society of her time and a biting, sharp-witted criticism of the pre-established behaviors that oppress us.

Her ideas. "Stop the world, I want to get off," Mafalda shouts while staring at a globe. Her phrases have left a trace in all Argentineans, and, therefore, some streets of Buenos Aires pay homage to her—an imposing sculpture that decorates a corner of San Telmo (Chile and Defensa), some murals at Perú and Catedral subway stations, and a park that is named after her in Colegiales are some of the gifts made to Quino for making us laugh and think that we can change the world.

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