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Snorkeling With Sea Lions In Puerto Madryn (Travel Stories)

Puerto Madryn is the biggest city near by Península de Valdés natural heaven.
I went there for 5 days last December in order to watch Penguins and whales. I did both tours the first 2 days and the third day i was recommended to go and watch Sea Lions on the water. So i did!

Our snorkeling experience with Sea Lions started early in the morning. 
We went to the Office of Tangol on the beach where we got the drysuit and the rest of the snorkel gear to keep as warm, as the water in the area is pretty cold. 
We climbed on a fast boat and after 20 to 30 minutes ride we were near the cost in an Area where the Seals stay in the sand sun-bathing and in the water fishing and having fun.
After receiving some information on how to respect them and the rules, we got into the cristal water. As soon as the animals saw us they got very curious and came to us. They swam all around us and i just got so happy playing with them. They just let you touch them, they look at you under the water, the just love playing in the water. I have done lot´s of tours in my life but that one is really special as you can interact with the creatures.
We stayed in the water for around 30 minutes and the we got back to the city.
Overall a super cool thing to do in Puerto Madryn!

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Buenos Aires On A Bike (Travel Stories)

First of all let´s say that Buenos Aires is a flat city and that the weather all year round allows a comfortable use of bicycles. 
We have a few cold months between may and early September but our cold almost never goes below zero Celsius degrees. The summer between late November and march can be hot and wet humid but with the right clothing and sun protection is not a problem at all.
In the last years the government of the city created a nice network of bike paths  so you can be pretty safe using them.

Our tips for a safe and enjoyable cycling tour in town:

· Be very cautious when riding in heavy traffic areas as Argentinians not always respect lights and priorities as you may be used back home.

· Take with you a lock and try not to leave in the street expensive bikes as there are reports of bikes getting stoled when unattended.

· Bring with you a helmet as a protection

· Avoid La Boca neighborhood as it could be dangerous if having a pretty bicycle

· All the metropolitan trains have a wagon with bike facilities. There are signs painted in the floor of the stations informing where to climb in.

· If you need to repair your bike or add air on them you should google the word Bicicletería that are the bike shops nerby where you can get assistance.

· A Ride to Tigre area is a really nice option as a day tour.

If you don´t want to bring your bicycle you can book a bike tour or rent a bike in order to have some exercise.

Source: Locals

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Minitrekking Perito Moreno (Travel Stories)

Maybe the best tour to take in between all the things to do in Calafate, Argentina.

The pick up time for the excursion is pretty early so you need to have an easy night the day before. Once you get picked up you go by bus to a little port in the lake shore where you climb in a boat that makes a 15 minutes navigation facing the Glaciar side getting very decent views till the closest shore to the massive glaciar. Ones on the other side of the lake we got the explanation on what the tour was going on to be and we started hiking towards the glacier closest wall. Once there we got our crampons on and the adventure started. The guides gave a little explanation on how we should pose our feet on the ice for not having an accident and we moved on a big amazing Glaciar hike.  We walked for around 30 to 45 minutes in that incredible white area. I particularly took many pictures as the views and landscape were stunning. When the tour was coming to an end we got a whisky on the rock with ice taken by yourself from the Glacier. After the walked we took another boat trip back  and we got a bus to the Glacier´s trails where you can watch the main face of the glacier Perito Moreno from the front. That is the closest you can get and a top area to relax watching one of the best glaciers in Patagonia.

Source: Enzo

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A Piece Of Buenos Aires' Heart (Travel Stories)

Pizza came from Italy, but over time it has become a traditional dish of our cuisine. Today, pizza is part of the individual and collective history of all Argentinians.

It is said that there are more pizza places than grills in Buenos Aires, and this legend seems to be certainly true. The dish of plebeian origins has become one of the essential ingredients in every local reunion. A good gathering companion, pizza invites to conversation and is also a good alternative for lonely people and lazy cooks. Although Banchero, Güerrín, or Los Inmortales are some of the most famous culinary temples, each neighborhood has its specialty, and delivery services abound throughout the capital.

The recipe was born in Italy to cope with the famine of the emerging working class, and in the 20th century, with the appearance of unemployed contingents, it disembarked in Argentina. In fact, pizza came to the country by sea and settled in La Boca neighborhood. One day, among the tenement houses, a Neapolitan immigrant prepared the mix for some dock workers who were on strike, and soon street stands began to multiply.

Since then, the ingredients, molds, and toppings have changed, and our pizza (with thicker dough and much more cheese and oil than the original) has shaped its own identity. However, everyone continues to relate pizza to comradeship. Whether you enjoy it standing or sitting at a luxurious table, “zapi” (pizza in colloquial language) is always a popular dish.

In our gastronomic ceremony, pizza is perfectly paired with muscatel (a sweet wine), beer, and fainá (a mix of oil, chickpea flour, water, and salt). But as regards to the best pizza place in town, no one dares to give a verdict!

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