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Tangol is a leading Destination Management Company based in Argentina. As a DMC in Argentina, we provide full incoming services to Companies, Travel Agencies and Tour Operators from all around the world.

We have more than 15 years of experience in providing services in Argentina and neighbouring countries (Uruguay, Chile, Paraguay, Brazil, Peru & Bolivia). We are a DMC based in Argentina and specialized in producing customized tailor-made programs to fit our customers special requirements.

DMC Argentina

About our organization:
  • Our leisure department handles FIT, Groups and Series bookings for trips all around the main destinations in Argentina and South America. 
  • Our cruise department takes care of the requirements of Cruise Lines as well as shore-excursions and pre/post cruise programs for cruise passengers.
  • Our sports and cultural events department provides special programs with tickets for main sports & cultural events, as well as music shows, taking place in Buenos Aires and other cities in South America.
  • Our special interests department is dedicated to create exclusive travel experiences based on specific interests (Sailing, Spanish Courses, Horse-back riding, Golf, Tango, Wine etc.).
  • Our corporative department deals with corporative requests by providing full services such as private transfers, bilingual escorts, special accommodation, etc.

As a DMC in Argentina, we focus our business on reliability, accuracy, urgency and innovation, in order to get maximum satisfaction of our customers. We offer a high quality level of service according to international standards.

What Makes Us Unique: As the most experienced DMC in Argentina, the Tangol team goes further to provide more than just a trip. We design a unique package of experiences with the aim of exceeding the expectations of your passengers during their entire trip. 

We are proud members of ASTA (American Society of Travel Agents), LATA (Latin America Travel Association), CAT (Camara Argentina de Turismo) and ATTA (Adventure Travel Trade Association).

DMC in ArgentinaDMC ArgentinaDMC Argentina and South AmericaArgentina DMC

If you are looking for an Argentina DMC, please get in contact with us and we will be very glad to assist you with your requests.

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Argentina Beaches

Although Argentina is better known for its tango than its beaches, this Latin American country still offers some international-class sand. Argentina has a 3,100-mile-long Atlantic coastline, which offers a wide range of hotspots, from attractive beachfront cities to peaceful retreats and unique nature areas of reservation. With such great attractions, the Argentine coast has always something to please visitors of all interests.

Your first question might be when it is the best time to travel to Argentina Beaches? If you are planning to go sunbathing, in that case you should consider visiting Argentina during its summer, which goes from december to march. While Argentina beaches season lasts only for 3-4 months, beaches in Argentina can be visited all year around by those who are looking for sea nature and beatiful landscapes as the ones you will only find in Patagonia.

Here we will list some of the best beaches in Argentina, located all down the eastern side of the country along the beautiful Atlantic coast.

1. Mar del Plata
If you ask anyone in Argentina about beaches in Argentina, Mar del Plata will definitely be one of the first answers. Known as "Mardel", this is one of the most popular beaches in Argentina, where locals go on vacation mainly during january and february, the summer school holidays.
Mar del Plata offers several sandy beaches along its 17kms coastline. Some of them might get quite crowdy during january and february, so if you are looking for a calm spot where to lay on the sand, you should consider visiting Mar del Plata during december or march. But if you are interested in an exciting beach vacation, Mar del Plata is a very lively option. Beach resorts are heavily urbanised, which means there are a lot of accommodation options, restaurants, and nightlife. You will find a long list of things to do: golfing, scuba diving, boat trips, assisting to casinos or theaters, and fishing.
More information about Mar del Plata >>

2. Puerto Madryn
Puerto Madryn is the gateway to Peninsula Valdes and Punta Tombo. Located by the Atlantic Ocean 1400 kms south of Buenos Aires, this beatiful city offers its visitors a wide list of things to do in its beaches. 
During summer (mid-december to end of march), this location becomes one of the main beach destinations for people in Patagonia, although it is a modest beach. But, from end of june to mid-december, whales watching becomes the most popular attraction. Whales can be watched directly form Puerto Madryn´s coast, but it is recommended to take the boat tours that depart from Puerto Piramides in Peninsula Valdes.
Penguins arrive to Punta Tombo in september, and stay in their colony until april. This national park is also one of the main attractions of the beaches in Argentina.
More information about Puerto Madryn >>

3. Pinamar and Cariló
Pinamar and beaches around, offers beautiful landscapes which combine beaches with amazing pine forests. It is one of the most popular beach destinations for Buenos Aires residents, as it is only a three-hour driving distance from the capital city. Pinamar is a less crowded alternative to Mar del Plata, because it is slightly more exclusive. All along its coastline, you will find boutique hotels, cozy restaurants and beachfront facilities. Pinamar is definitely the best choice if you are travelling with children or looking for calm. It is a perfect place for a beach extension of your trip in Argentina during summer.
Cariló is located south next to Pinamar. It offers picturesque forest hotels and beautifully preserved beaches. Holidays here will be slightly more expensive than Pinamar, but sensitively more than Mar del Plata. However, if you are after luxury or exlusivity, Cariló is for sure the beach destination for you.
Contact us for Tailor-made tours to Argentina Beaches >>

Finally, I would also like to mention, that Uruguay is located only a short boat ride across the Rio de la Plata from Argentina’s capital. You can take the the ferry to Montevideo plus the bus to Punta del Este, and within 5 hours, you will arrive to one of the best and more exclusive beaches in South America. 
More information about Uruguay Destinations >>

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Where to see and watch tango in buenos aires?

Looking where to see tango in Buenos Aires? If you want to watch a tango show in Buenos Aires, read this post until the end of it, and you will get useful information and tips about how to book the best tango shows in Buenos Aires with special discounts!

Here we will list some of the special deals that are available now at Tangol, where you will be able to get your seat for the best tango show in Buenos Aires with a discounted special price, by using the coupon codes below when adding your tango show to your shopping cart.

1. Coupon Code: ESQEJE25
Get 25% off for the Executive Location at Esquina Carlos Gardel Tango Show for your Dinner & Show with free transfers from your hotel.
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Where to see tango in buenos aires?

2. Coupon Code: ROJCEN20
Get 20% off at the unique Rojo Tango in Puerto Madero for your Dinner & Show with free drinks and pick-up at your hotel.
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Watch Rojo Tango Show Buenos Aires

3. Coupon Code: PORCEN25
Get 25% off at Tango Porteño Show for your Show with Dinner, with free tango lesson and transportation from your hotel.
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Watch Tango Porteño Show in Buenos Aires

4. Coupon Code: SENEJE25
Get 25% off at the amazing Señor Tango Show for your Executive Show with Dinner and free transportation with pick-up at your hotel.

Watch Señor Tango Show in Buenos Aires

5. Coupon Code: VIECEN25
Get 25% off at the El Viejo Almacen Tango Show for your Show with Dinner and free transfer from your hotel.

Watch El Viejo Almacen Tango Show

You can use all these coupon codes at Tangol Tango Shows Booking Site, which are valid for until December 31st, 2017.-

Or you can click now on above links for each coupon code to make your reservation and get the cheaper rates available on internet. Don´t miss these special deals to get the best rates for your tango show in Buenos Aires

If we haven´t answered your question about where to see Tango in Buenos Aires, you can also have a look at More Discount Coupons for Tango Shows in Buenos Aires.

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Cheap Tango Show Buenos Aires

Looking for the best tango shows in Buenos Aires, but with cheap rates?
There is a limited promotion now at Tangol, where you will be able to assist to the best tango show with a discounted special price, by using the coupon codes below when adding your tango show to your shopping cart.

1. Coupon Code: LAVCEN25
Get 25% off at La Ventana Tango Show for your Dinner & Show with free transfers from your hotel.
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La Ventana Tango Show Buenos Aires Cheap Rate

2. Coupon Code: MADVIP25
Get 25% off at Madero Tango for your VIP Dinner & Show with free drinks and pick-up at your hotel.
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Madero Tango Show Buenos Aires Cheap

3. Coupon Code: COMCEN20
Get 20% off at Complejo Tango Show for your Show with Dinner and free transportation from your hotel.
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Complejo Tango Show Buenos Aires Cheap

4. Coupon Code: QUECEN20
Get 20% off at the traditional Querandi Tango Show for your Show with Dinner and free transportation with pick-up at your hotel.

Cheap Querandi Tango Show Buenos Aires

5. Coupon Code: PIACEN20
Get 20% off at the wonderful Piazzolla Tango Show for your Show with Dinner and free transfer from your hotel.

Piazzolla Tango Show Buenos Aires Cheap

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If you are looking for special deals for some other Tango Shows, you can have a look at these special promotions:  Where to See Tango in Buenos Aires

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What to see and do in Ushuaia

If you are planning to visit Ushuaia, you should read this article in order to get an idea of what to see and do in Ushuaia during your stay.

Ushuaia can be visited during the whole year, but depending on the season of your trip, you may find different available activities to do in the city. There are some tours that operate all year around, but some others are in operation only in spring/summer or autumn/winter.

The winter in Ushuaia, in addition to skiing at Cerro Castor, excursions with dog sledding and boating on the Beagle Channel, offers wonderful views you can enjoy in Tangol tours “Lakes Off-Road“ and “Tierra del Fuego National Park“

What to see in Ushuaia

Whenever you have some free time to walk around the city on your own, try to visit these places that will tell you about the history of Ushuaia:

  • Fuegian History Theme Gallery: The museum halls revive the events and legends of this fascinating region at the world’s end. We have even read about some of them in books.
  • Malvinas War Memorial: This city saw the war against Great Britain from a very close distance. The deep local feeling was portrayed in a monumental work on Islas Malvinas Square.
  • The Maritime Museum, Prison at the End of the World: Ushuaia has grown by the sea, under the watchful gaze of the prison. Both museums, the Maritime and the Prison, bear witness to the passing of time.

Ushuaia has special tax free offers, so shopping in the city, is one of the things to do before leaving. Visit Paseo del Fuego Mall: The city at the world’s end boasts its first shopping mall. A site of encounter where the latest fashion trends, indoor entertainment and supermarket shopping are combined.

What to do in Ushuaia

Some of the activities that can be done all year around are:
  • Navigating the Beagle Channel: A dream come true for many people: sailing the Beagle Channel undoubtedly is one of the greatest attractions in the City of Ushuaia.
  • Tierra del Fuego National Park: Created in 1960 to protect the southernmost forests by the Beagle Channel, Tierra del Fuego National Park covers an area of 63,000 hectares.
  • Visiting Lake Fagnano: Upon crossing the Andes from Ushuaia, the Great Island of Tierra del Fuego features imposing natural scenes, among which famous Lake Fagnano emerges.

What to see and do in Ushuaia

If you are a trekking lover, Ushuaia offers also several options for trekking:

  • Esmeralda Lagoon Trekking: This is a 4 hours walk through landscapes of great beauty, being able to observe the local flora and, if we're lucky, foxes, condors and beavers. Definitely, is an excursion not to miss! We recommend this tour for nature lovers, as it takes you to the heart of the Nature Reserve and Landscape Tierra del Fuego, where the Emerald Lagoon is.
  • Martial Glacier Trekking: A few kilometers northwest of the city, we can find one of the most important tourist attractions of Ushuaia: the Martial Glacier, a natural wonder that has a lot to offer in any season. With our tour MARTIAL GLACIER TREKKING, we invite you to live an unforgettable experience, which will take you across mountain paths to reach our final destination, the scenic viewpoint of the glacier, where a great reward expects us: the panoramic view of Los Andes, Ushuaia and the sea.

Get futher more information about what to see and do in Ushuaia in our tours section where you will be able to make your bookings: Ushuaia Tours.

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