Techado Negro

  revista01tangolcom 18/11/2020

The bistro opened its doors at the end of June 2008 and slowly earned a place in the local fine dining. Having a maximum of 14 chairs means that most of the time I work full. Another feature is that it has a different vegan gourmet menu every noon. 

One of its entries is 100% native It is guanaco pickle with cheese board and homemade breads. The pickle has meat, onion, carrot, bell peppers, bay leaf, paprika and chili in its ingredients. You can also order it with cold cuts. 

Another entry option is the Armenian brochette of lamb grilled with a mixture of garlic , with onion, sweet paprika, hot pepper and rosemary. Guanaco and lamb meats can be accompanied with a Fran Malbec wine.

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