Malargüe, Walks From Another Planet (Destinations)

Our underground world can be known near the city of Mendoza. Through the most amazing routes, the hidden comes to light, showing natural scenarios similar to extraterrestrial space.

Region where the Atlantic and Pacific oceans joined before the formation of the Andes mountain range, the city of Malargüe and its surroundings, in the south of the province of Mendoza, are a true natural reservoir from any perspective. In its soils not only fossils of oysters, bivalves and snails of enormous size that speak of an old seabed are seen, the town also allows you to look at its starry sky and approach the stars through a modern planetarium. 

The Payunia in this nature reserve, east of our great mountain range, is one of the largest volcanic fields in the world. The area, which is accessed only with an authorized guide and prepared vehicles, has 830 volcanoes and about 1300 cones scattered on 450 hectares of basaltic formations. While most of the eruptions happened thousands of years ago, walking in the prevailing silence of lapilli stone sands with strange geological formations, craters, scoria, rivers and petrified lava bombs is transformed into a moment that is marked by fire in the memory.

Waiting to be declared a World Heritage Site, the land forms a unique and unique universe. Its arid geography, of black, gray, ocher and coppery colors, is combined with the constant blue of the sky and the radiant yellow of the coirones (one of the few plant species that tolerate the ecosystem). The palette of this minimalist painting responds to the different minerals, while its forms express the different types of explosions that occurred from the depths, when the planet was still in formation. Except for some animals, isolation and water scarcity keep the place uninhabited, so touring these mountains of truncated peaks and their lava valleys become an experience close to that of walking on mars.

The Cave of the Witches. If in the reserve the interior of the earth is shown on the surface, in this great cavity it is necessary to interfere within the Moncol hill to know the underground world in all its splendor. At 1800 meters above sea level, there is, in the form of a cave, the entrance to a series of passageways and galleries created by the joint work of limestone and water. The tour is done only with guide and equipment, and is not suitable for claustrophobic but for enthusiasts. The courage is well worth it, since in this circuit (which goes 170 meters) you will visit rooms, cathouses and natural tunnels, covered by stalactites, coral mantles, columns and stalagmites.

Surrounded by the immutable darkness and peace of the environment, each of these formations appears before the lantern light as an amazing sculpture ... in process, since they still grow at half a centimeter per year. Certainly, the original dimensions and structures of this geological labyrinth leave anyone speechless, especially if one takes into account that only six of its kilometers are known so far. The itinerary enabled is even smaller, but it is enough to leave unfathomable tracks on anyone.

The extraordinary thing in Malargüe seems to be the rule. To the diversity of its unprecedented scenarios, there is a gastronomy based on chivitos, trouts and wines that make this trip a destination of another world.

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