Yacutinga Lodge to combine peace and adventure in Iguazu

Yacutinga Lodge to combine peace and adventure in Iguazu (Accommodation)

Yacutinga Lodge is the best option to discover the curiosities of the most bidiverse eco-region of Argentina after the traditional visit to the Iguazu Falls.
It is about making nights comfortably lodged in the heart of the Missionary Forest, including guided tours by ecologists and native Guarani, either navigating the Selva waters  or exploring any of the 12 interpretive trails of the exclusive Yacutinga Private Reserve. Yacutinga Lodge is not just an eco-tourism project located in the Argentine missionary jungle. We believe that there is an important global need for protection of nature, as well as the generation of an economic income. In Yacutinga we are doing it.

The ecotourism activity is one of our economic pillars, but there are also other sustainability projects that are being developed in our Reserve. With the biological and technical support of the Fundación Vida Silvestre Argentina (FVSA) and the results of the investigations that have been carried out at the Yacutinga Biological Station, we have managed to develop various projects and studies that have allowed us to make a general management of our reserve. private without altering nature.  Since the beginning of the project, we have been concerned about minimizing the impact that is generated in the environment. At the same time, we had to find a balance between the use of the surrounding nature and the fine tuning of an excellent ecotourism service.

Being in Yacutinga Lodge means entering into communion with nature.  Only 4 hectares of the 570 that make up the property, have been used to build the buildings of this eco-tourist complex unprecedented in Argentina. Constructions in the lodge gently follow natural slopes of the terrain and maintain the surrounding harmony.
Local materials, such as stones and large pieces of wood harvested from fallen trees, have been successfully incorporated into the architectural concept of the place; integrating in this way totally with the natural environment.  In this way, it has managed to offer an extremely relaxed atmosphere, where magic takes its form and the "Missionary Mount" can be enjoyed in all its splendor and wisdom.

 A place lost in the jungle, away from the noise of the city. Nature receives us from the hands of Yacutinga staff. And a family atmosphere accompanies us during the stay, with nights of dreams with sounds of crickets. Every detail carefully, in harmony with the flora and fauna. It brings us closer to ourselves. Words of thanks and the desire to repeat the experience, recommended for anyone wishing to combine peace and adventure.

Discover, explore, learn, enjoy and marvel at this proposal based on the most modern criteria of tourism sustainability.

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