Madero Tango Show in Buenos Aires is surprisingly good

Madero Tango Show in Buenos Aires is surprisingly good (Congresses And Events)

In Puerto Madero, in the best and most modern neighborhood of Buenos Aires is located Madero Tango with an unparalleled view to the river and the City. It is the exclusive protagonist of the magic of the place. There, the song, the dance and a spectacular gastronomy are combined, in the framework of a striking and high-class room for its design and ambience.

Enjoy an evening and attend a tango show from one of the most spectacular windows in the city that combines the river that brought the immigrants who created the tango with the most modern buildings in Argentina. This means that tango is alive. To enjoy the experience of Madero Tango is to get to know where tango lives. This musical genre recently declared a World Heritage  is much more than the memory of its golden age. Nowadays, the tango agitates its nerves, inflames its passion, moves it. No doubt he is alive and it is the real and vivid history of everyday life. Madero Tango is the only place of its kind where the present and the past merge to create a bond between the public and the tango that is never forgotten.

If you choose the option with dinner, you will start the evening enjoying a dinner in which you can choose between an international menu and the most Argentina typical dishes and wines. If you prefer the option of only show, take your seat in time for the performance and enjoy the wine or soft drinks. The show is composed with more than 20 excellent artists on stage and a live orchestra formed by six musicians of higher level.

It is surprisingly good,   I recommend it to anyone visiting Buenos Aires.


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