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Puerto Natales - Puerto Natales

Puerto Natales Puerto Natales is situated on the border of Última Esperanza near the Riesco Mountain Range, 247 km from the northwest of Punta Arenas and 3103 km from Santiago, Chile. It was founded in 1911 and is the entrance to Torres del Paine, the “Milodón Cave” and the glaciers in the “Campos de Hielo Sur”.
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Punta Arenas - Punta Arenas

Punta Arenas Punta Arenas is one of the southernmost cities in the world and is located 3,090 km from Santiago, Chile. It was founded in 1848 as a military fort to reinforce the sovereignty of Chileans to the Magallanes Strait. The weather there is cold, with an average temperature of 40 ºF and with winds of 150 km/h. It is an important wool, fur, sheep meat and wood export center. It has many sawmills, tanneries and freeze meat systems.
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Torres del Paine - Torres del Paine

Torres del Paine Torres del Paine covering 181.000 hectares, was founded in 1959 and declared a World Reserve of the Biosphere by the UNESCO. The Torres del Paine National Park is located in Chile’s Region XII, between the massif of the Andes Mountain Range and the Patagonian steppes, in the Ultima Esperanza Province community of Torres del Paine. Puerto Natales, 144 km to the south of the park, is the closest urban center. It has 3 entry gates: “Portería Sarmiento”, “Laguna Amarga” and “Laguna Azul”. Besides, there are seven guard posts where you can do excursions and sport activities. In the park you can find “Cuernos de Paine”, internationally known because of its magnitude: They are huge rocky masses which can be seen from the paths of the park. Also, there are lakes covered with ice, glaciers and Grey Lake.
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Santiago de Chile - Santiago de Chile

Santiago de Chile Santiago de Chile is the Capital of Chile and a very important commercial, industrial, cultural and communication center. On the way to the Andes Mountain Range there are the Morado Natural Monument and Yerba Loca Natural Sanctuary. The weather is Mediterranean with four well defined seasons.
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Isla de Pascua - Isla de Pascua

Isla de Pascua Tepito Ote Henua ("The Center of the World"), as the people who lived there once called it, is the most remote inhabited island on the planet. No other landmass is as isolated, which gives it an aura of mystery. Easter Island is a National Park and UNESCO World Heritage Site, and it offers something for everyone: pink sand beaches like Ovahe, the heavenly charms of Anakena, volcanoes and grasslands to explore on foot or on horseback, marine life you can discover on diving trips, silent caverns and the Moai statues that bore witness to the rise and fall of a complex and stratified society. It's estimated that the first inhabitants of Easter Island came from the Marquesas Islands in the 6th century and had no contact with the outside world for more than a thousand years. On Easter Sunday, 1722, this place became known to the Western world thanks to Dutch sailor Jakob Roggeveen, who described the Rapa Nui people as "a subtle culture of beautiful women and kind men." The island was home to a complex culture that fell into disarray due to food shortages and the tribal warfare that ensued. But its spirit lives on in its people, language, clothing, music, dance, crafts and food. Every February, the people celebrate a return to their roots with Tapati, two weeks of festivities based on ancestral traditions such as body painting, awe-inspiring competitions, song, dance and the selection of their queen. The island has plenty to offer the rest of the year as well. Its climate is always warm, its tourism and service infrastructure is continually improving, and the tranquility and beauty of its landscapes coupled with the charm of its people will make you want to return.
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Norte Grande

Atacama - San Pedro de Atacama

Atacama San Pedro de Atacama (San Pedro for short) is a small village located in one of the many oasis which are found in the high plateau of the second region of Chile. Along this geographic zone rise some of the highest volcanoes in the Andean Mountain Range. Formerly the center of Atacama culture, today San Pedro's population is about 2500 and is 2438 meters above sea level. In the Craft Fair, situated in front of the park, products made by natives are offered. Also, there is the Archeological Museum “Padre le Paige”, where you can find pieces from the times of Spanish conquest and of Aymara culture. Nowadays this small town has big importance because it is considered the Archeological Capital of Chile and because of its extreme geographic position, the beauty of the landscape and its eternal blue sky.
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Puerto Montt - Puerto Montt

Puerto Montt The cove and estuary of Reloncaví has a viewpoint where you can view the city of Puerto Montt, and can be accessed by the Carretera Panamericana from the north of Chile. On the way to Isla Chiloé you find Magallanes lake area. Puerto Montt is the capital of the X Region, with an intense port activity that offers supplementary options to one of the most beautiful areas in the south end of the world.
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Puerto Varas - Puerto Varas

Puerto Varas Next to the shore, Puerto Varas is one of the most emblematic cities in Chile and one of the most beautiful on Llanquihue Lake. It is located in the X Region of Chile, known as the Lakes and Volcanoes District. Just 20 kilometers from Puerto Montt, Puerto Varas gathers rosebushes and the typical regional flora with streets that end at the waterfront, and may be enjoyed both during the day and night. The German colonization left its mark in the architecture and gardens, which offer a view of the silhouette of the Osorno and Calbuco Volcanoes, whose summits are always covered by snow. In addition to its beach resorts in the summer, other interesting attractions lie only a few kilometers away. Petrohué River and Todos los Santos Lake, are two examples, where people can do rafting, zip-lining, salmon fishing and go hiking to various destinations within Vicente Pérez Rosales National Park.
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